Asankon in the Internatia Song Contest

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Member station Asankon Radio and Television Corporation (ARTVC)
National selection events
Participation summary
Appearances 12
First appearance ISC 74
Best result 1st: ISC 74
Worst result 25th SF: ISC 83

Asankon made their Internatia Song Contest debut in the 74th edition in Ojibwe Creek, Kaministiquia.


After joining the Waiting List during the period of ISC 61 (coincidentally in Kaministiquia), Asankon finally debuted in the contest in the 74th edition selecting a classic in the country, the song "Remedy" by British singer Little Boots. The song went on to win the whole contest and as a result Asankon hosted ISC 76, where they almost won again with Smith & Thell's "Forgive Me Friend" but lost out on tiebreak to Sunetti.


Table key

  Winner   Second place   Third place   Last place   Disqualified   Jury qualifier   Did not compete

# Edition Artist Title Language Place Points Semi Points
1 Kaministiquia 74th United Kingdom Little Boots "Remedy" English 1 204 2 92
2 Luzze 75th Norway AURORA "Forgotten Love" English 17 108 1 102
3 Asankon 76th Sweden Smith & Thell "Forgive Me Friend" (feat. Swedish Jam Factory) English 2 198 Host country
4 Chruno 77th Ukraine TAYANNA "Kvitka" Ukrainian 12 110 10 59
5 Sunetti 78th Croatia Petra Kovačević "Buka, Galama" Croatian 11 124 3 84
6 Dulcet Ebullience 79th Norway Eva & The Heartmaker "Give In" English 19 111 4 89
7 Tashkveny 80th Venezuela Evaluna Montaner "Me Liberé" Spanish 16 111 7 74
8 Kosma 81st United Kingdom Mabel "Don't Call Me Up" English 2 179 2 116
9 Bubblique 82nd United States Kulick "Colors" English 9 133 4 85
10 Lacrea 83rd United States Banks "Gimme" English Failed to qualify 25 28
11 Alteus 84th United Kingdom Naomi Scott "Speechless" English 10 132 5 86
12 Pen Island 85th AngolaPortugal Pongo "Kassussa" Kimbundu

Participation History[edit]