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| {{flagicon|EdvinOla}} [[Outernatia Song Contest 65|65th]]

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Member stationBartlett Broadcasting Corporation (BarBC)
National selection events
Participation summary
First appearanceOSC 37
Best result2nd: OSC 41, OSC 43
Worst resultLast: OSC 58; 13th SF: OSC 49

Bartlett made their Outernatia Song Contest debut in the 37th edition with the song "New Rules", performed by Dua Lipa. They have participated ever since, with two second places and eight other top 10 finishes. The contest is broadcast in Bartlett by Bartlett Broadcasting Corporation (BarBC).


Bartlett officially joined the OSC on its 37th edition in Oalia. Prior to that, Bartlett voted as part of the International Jury in the 36th edition giving its first 12 points to the eventual winner Kaministiquia. For its debut in OSC 37, BarBC internally selected Dua Lipa with the song "New Rules". Qualifying 7th in the 2nd Semi-final, it ranked 6th in the Grand Final.

For its participation in OSC 38 held in Kaministiquia, BarBC organized a national final, Bartlett's Assembly of Songs for International Competitions ("BASIC"). In the first edition, international juries selected Leona Lewis and Avicii's "Collide", which placed seventh in the Grand Final. For the second edition, international juries selected Hardwell and Austin Mahone's "Creatures of the Night" for OSC 39, which placed 12th in the final. The third edition saw Lorde's "Perfect Places" being sent to OSC 40, placing 18th in the final.

BarBC decided to postpone BASIC and revert to internal selection for OSC 41 and 42 which saw mixed results - Rita Ora's "Anywhere" gave Bartlett's best placement at second and Maty Noyes' "Say It To My Face" its first non-qualification. BASIC would return for OSC 43; selected entry "Love Drunk" by Boys Like Girls matched Bartlett's highest placing at second.

Despite a successful BASIC, BarBC chose to select the next few entries internally - Twice's "Likey" placed 22nd in OSC 44, Nikki Williams' "Glowing" and Nova Miller's "Turn Up The Fire" both placed fifth in OSC 45 and 46 respectively, and "Jet Lag" by Simple Plan featuring Natasha Bedingfield placed third in OSC 47. BASIC would return for OSC 48 where "Want You Back" by 5 Seconds of Summer placed 16th.

Since then, Bartlett has only proceeded with internal selection, except in OSC 51 where they participated in Trinity NF with Asankon and Kimmystan. During this period, Bartlett has only missed the Finals three more times (OSC 49, OSC 54 and OSC 55). They also came last in the finals of OSC 58, but has placed in the top 10 four more times.


Table key
  Second place
  Third place
  Last place
  Jury qualifier
  Did not compete
Edition Artist Language Title Place Points Semi Points
Oalia 37th United Kingdom Dua Lipa English "New Rules" 6 89 7 68
Kaministiquia 38th United Kingdom Sweden Leona Lewis and Avicii English "Collide" 7 107 4 98
Spinachia 39th Netherlands United States Hardwell and Austin Mahone English "Creatures of the Night" 12 72 4 75
Auspikitan 40th New Zealand Lorde English "Perfect Places" 18 69 6 65
Kimmystan 41st United Kingdom Rita Ora English "Anywhere" 2 138 2 95
Alteus 42nd United States Maty Noyes English "Say It To My Face" Failed to qualify 12 46
Kosma 43rd United States Boys Like Girls English "Love Drunk" 2 119 4 75
Asankon 44th South Korea Twice Korean "Likey" 22 58 11 54
Mărium 45th South Africa Nikki Williams English "Glowing" 5 80 1 100
Alteus 46th Sweden Nova Miller English "Turn Up The Fire" 5 95 3 76
Unovah 47th Canada United Kingdom Simple Plan feat. Natasha Bedingfield English "Jet Lag" 3 122 1 102
Kimmystan 48th Australia 5 Seconds of Summer English "Want You Back" 16 66 13 39
Kimmystan 49th United Kingdom Colouring English "Time" Failed to qualify 13 41
Mărium 50th Romania Lidia Buble Romanian "Sub apa" 15 89 1 100
Alteus 51st Spain Aitana Spanish "Teléfono" 18 61 5 65
Daǔlska 52nd Indonesia NIKI English "Warpaint" 16 71 4 73
Auspikitan 53rd United States Allison Iraheta English "Friday I'll Be Over U" 16 87 3 67
Enot'ebia 54th United States Hailee Steinfeld English "Back to Life" Failed to qualify 12 51
KosmaDaǔlska 55th Thailand Tata Young English "El Nin-Yo!" 11 45
Mărium 56th South Korea Jennie Korean, English "Solo" 13 87 11 54
Pönö 57th United States David Archuleta English "Crush" 9 102 13 44
KharóMărium 58th United States A R I Z O N A English "Find Someone" 24 51 4 79
Levië 59th Denmark Christopher English "My Heart" 9 92 5 67
Lahna 60th United States Halsey English "Nightmare" 6 107 4 68
Oalia 61st Netherlands United Kingdom Tiësto, Jonas Blue & Rita Ora English "Ritual" 7 106 3 70
Mărium 62nd United States Jessica Sanchez ft. Ne-Yo English "Tonight" 14 70 7 60
Mărium 63rd Hungary Oliver Berkes Hungarian "Éltük az éjszakát" 16 77 2 76
PollandKimmystan 64th United Kingdom United States Jay Sean ft. Lil Wayne English "Down" Failed to qualify 12 45
EdvinOla 65th

OSC Congratulations

Table key
  Second place
  Third place
  Last place
Year Artist Language Title Final Points Semi Points Final (37th) Points (37th)
GandharaLettuce 50 Dua Lipa English "New Rules" 1 135 2 89 6 89

Voting History

As of OSC 63, Bartlett's voting history is as follows:


Bartlett, as part of the Waiting List, was required to vote in the Internatia Song Contest finals from the 61st to the 76th edition. Bartlett's voting history as part of the Waiting List jury from is as follows:

Most points given in the finals
Rank Country Points
1 Chruno Chruno 62
2 Kaministiquia Kaministiquia 47
Nicolas' Neighbour Nicolas' Neighbour
4 Fierce Fierce 46
Haven Haven

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