Controversies in the Internatia Song Contest

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During its history, the Internatia Song Contest has been a subject of various scandals and controversies.

ISC 1[edit]

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ISC 10[edit]

  • On the day of the final results, the hosts Bitland suddenly suffered a severely unstable situation in the country, and the national broadcaster lost the votes and therefore was unable to present them. After a special meeting to discuss the situation on 1st May 2013, all of the votes were re-submitted and the results of the final were eventually presented in Esonáth, Lost Islands. To this day, the full results of the semi-finals are unknown, and it is highly unlikely that they will ever be recovered.
  • After Novatlantida was declared the winner, Kosmallán immediately protested the validity of the results. Both nations claimed that Kosma was the winner in the first set of results that Bitland lost, as Kosma was the odds-on favourite the night before the results were originally due to take place. The rest of Internatia dismissed this claim as a case of Kosmallán being sore losers, and the result stood.

ISC 11[edit]

ISC 12[edit]

ISC 13[edit]

  • During the final, Tonallán handed only 10 points to their traditional voting partners Kosma, giving their 12 to Amsteris instead. In the end, Kosma lost out on victory to Tikata by one point.
  • H Kim Jong Ils ADH failed to vote during the semi-finals, and was therefore disqualified. It was later revealed that they would've qualified in 1st or 2nd place in the second semi-final, suggesting that their entry this edition would've had a very realistic chance of winning the overall contest.

ISC 14[edit]

  • Sibinia failed to vote in time during the semi-finals, and was therefore disqualified. Like HKJIADH the previous edition, it was revealed that Sibinia would've qualified in 2nd place in the first semi-final which suggested a realistic chance of them winning the overall contest. Sibinia fiercely protested the decision to be disqualified, as they claimed that they attempted to vote just minutes before the semi-final results were about to start, but hosts Luzze and the rest of Internatia dismissed their protests as it was believed Sibinia's attempt to vote came far too late.

ISC 15[edit]

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ISC 17[edit]

  • About two months later after the contest Tikata noticed that Spirevo's 12 points in the semifinal were missing and they were given to Tashkveny. The points weren't added to the final score of Tashkveny and had the 12 been added, Tashkveny would've qualified instead of Saint Eva & Lepland.