Council of Outernatia

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Logo of Council of Outernatia Consilium Outernatiæ
Map of Internatia with CO members highlighted in green.
Map of Internatia with CO members highlighted in green.
CapitalAlmarania Sylvestria, Almarania
TypeMilitary alliance, Economic market
Member states
Establishment25 October 2014

The Council of Outernatia (Latin: Consilium Outernatiæ) is a politico-economic union of the countries on the continent of Outernatia. Its goal is to maintain the stability, economic prosperity and cultural relationships of the Outernation region.

According to the founding Treaty of Šerifovac it works through three separate mechanisms, each of those assigned a special institution

The Almaranian city of Sylvestria was chosen as a capital of the union at its inauguration on 25 October, 2014.


The Council of Outernatia was proposed by the government of Almarania as a means for the Outernatian countries to repel external threats and turn the rising economies of the continent into real great powers on the geopolitical stage. Notably, the Almaranian President Alexander Lidovský cited the frequent attempts of both LIAR and NITRO to impose their influence on the region.


As of 26 October, 2014 signatories of the Treaty of Šerifovac are the following countries and entities:

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