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Kimmystan takes part in all contests that happens in Internatia and Outernatia. They are currently waiting to debut in the Internatia Song Contest, and are therefor currently taking part in the OSC and the other spin off contests.

The nation has achieved huge success in the various contests and won OSC 15, 17th and 13th. However they achieved bad results in the Internatia Classical Music Contest two times by ending last on two occasions, in the 1st edition and 3rd edition. Kimmystan has achieved a last place in the ISSC 24' which is their worst result so far in that contest, and the best being a 3rd place. Kimmystan debuted in Internatia Song Contest 43 in Ankhesenamun, Noxus, and won the 44th edition and hosted the 46th edition.


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Hipsternatia Song Contest[edit]

Edition Artist Language Song Final Points Semi Points
Bitland 1st England Arctic Lake English "Friend" 6 65 No semi
Eriod 2nd Canada Noita English "Over Here" TBA No semi

Internatia Classical Music Contest[edit]

Kimmystan debuted in the 1st edition and ended up in the last place. This is was a shameful result for the country but in the next edition Kimmystan managed to achieve an honorable 4th place. Because of this success they decided to continue taking part in this event.

Edition Artist Song Final Points
Republica Libera 1st Norway Edvard Grieg "Morgenstemning" 9 5
Tikata 2nd France Hector Berlioz "The Damnation of Faust - Hungarian March" 4 47
Raingate 3rd Norway Ole Bull "Sæterjentens Søndag" 6 39
Darkria 4th Philippines String Player Gamer & The Mini Mario Orchestra "The Ultimate Nintendo Medley" 2 72
Raingate 5th Norway Edvard Grieg "Funeral March for Rikard Nordraak" 1 74
Kimmystan 6th Norway Johan Halvorsen "Entry March of the Boyars" 3 46
Land of Jhe Freeh 7th United States Jerry Martin "The Sims 1 Theme Song" 7 35
Lost Islands 8th Germany Jacques Offenbach "Infernal Galop 2 58

Internatia Second Chance Contest[edit]

Kimmystan made its debut at the Internatia Second Chance Contest at ISCC 21 in Endehó, Jhe Freeh. The entries selected to compete in this contest is the entries that failed to win Kimmstan NF but got a second chance. So far the best placing is a 3rd place that was achieved by Anina in the 22nd edition. Kimmystan came last in the 24th edition'

Edition Artist Song Language Final Points
Land of Jhe Freeh 21 Somalia Amaal Nuux "With You" English 15 52
Republica Libera 22 Norway Anina "Dominoes" English 3 71
Irdminia 23 Italy Baby & Giusy "Roma-Bangkok" Italian 4 71
Gandhara 24 United States Cappa "Other Girls" English 11 42
Gandhara 25 Canada Allie X "Prime" English 8 60
Tikata 26 Belgium Lea Rue "I Can't Say No" English 2 79
Sunetti 27 New Zealand Mae Valley "Brightside" English 3 85
Ponásikwa 28 Japan Hitomi Shimatani "Destiny" Japanese 1 102
Kimmystan 29 Sweden Tove Styrke & Big Wild "Aftergold" English 5 71
Raingate 30 Australia Cloves "Don't Forget About Me" English 4 51
Gandhara 31 Iceland Of Monsters and Men "Winter Sound" English 2 77
Folkloria 32 Norway Monika May "Ghost" English 4 48
Saint Eva & Lepland 33 Norway Wardruna "Odal" Norwegian 1 75
Kimmystan 34 United Kingdom Matt Cardle & Melanie C "Loving You" English 1 84
Kosma 35 Norway Anne Nørdsti "Bonderomantikk" Norwegian TBA

Internatia Song Contest[edit]

Edition Artist Language Song Final Points Semi Points
Noxus 43rd Finland Evelina & Mikael Gabriel Finnish "Honey" Failed to Qualify 16 55
Luzze 44th Norway Alan Walker English "Faded" 1 204 4 83
Leshia 45th United States Micky Blue English "Wild Things" 15 115 11 61
Kimmystan 46th Croatia Vlaho English "Home" 8 127 Host Country
Kaministiquia 47th Canada Allie X English "Sanctuary" 6 142 6 68
Bitland 48th Norway Ina Wroldsen & Broiler English "Lay It On Me" 3 175 8 72
Pebbleland 49th Portugal NEEV English "Staring Through" Failed to Qualify 21 33
H Kim Jong Il's AD Hangug 50th Germany Webcam Julia English "Private Act" 16 107 15 52
Hanzyuki 51st Norway Helene Bøksle Old Norse "Bifröst" 6 147 4 89
Auspikitan 52nd France Canada DJ Snake ft. Justin Bieber English "Let Me Love You" 16 103 8 69
Chruno 53rd Slovakia Lina Mayer English "Nothing" 20 102 1 99
Sunetti 54th Belgium Loïc Nottet English "Million Eyes" 8 138 4 81
Tashkveny 55th United States Kim Kardashian English "Jam (Turn It Up)" Failed to Qualify 23 37
Sunetti 56th Norway Anna of the North English "Oslo" Failed to Qualify 20 46
Gandhara 57th Lithuania Johanna Glaza English "Letter To New York" 4 144 6 88
Kosma 58th Norway Serlina Norwegian "Puste Under Vann" 2 160 2 102
Kosma 59th Sweden Adna English "Hide Me In Smoke" 22 91 10 65
Leshia 60th United States Billie Eilish English "Bored" Failed to Qualify 24 25
Kaministiquia 61st China Twelve Girls Band Instrumental "Ruten" 20 94 5 68
Ova Anova 62nd Slovakia TWiiNS ft. Flo Rida English "One Night Stand" TBA TBA
Porielana 63rd None TBA TBA

Internatia Song Contest -1[edit]

Kimmystan won this contest for the first time in the 13th edition, with the song Songs From a Secret Garden performed by Secret Garden. They have won the contest 4 times, and hosted the contest 4 times.

Edition Artist Title Language Place Points
Grolskira 9th United StatesMatthew Wilder "Break My Stride" English 6 69
Irdminia 10th Germany Boney M "Brown Girl In The Ring" English 11 51
Tashkveny 11th Belgium Rocco Granata "Marina" Italian 12 40
Tashkveny 12th Norway Lynni Treekrem "No Vil Æ Færra Te Mexico" Norwegian 15 32
Men̈́sa 13th Norway Secret Garden "Song From a Secret Garden" Instrumental 1 103
Kimmystan 14th United States Dinah Shore "Blues in the Night" English 10 53
Ova Anova 15th United Kingdom The Beatles "Let It Be" English 17 32
Bitland 16th Norway A-ha "Take On Me" English 1 106
Kimmystan 17th Norway Sissel Kyrkjebø "Se Ilden Lyse" Norwegian 4 83
Arcorar 18th United States Belinda Carlisle "Heaven Is a Place on Earth" English 1 81
Kimmystan 19th Norway Dina "Bli Hos Meg" Norwegian 6 66
Arcorar 20th Sweden Emilia Rydberg "Big Big World" English 7 58
Eriod 21st Sweden Alice Babs "Cocolino" Swedish 2 55
Saint Eva & Lepland 22nd Canada Alannah Myles "Black Velvet" English 1 84
Kimmystan 23rd Norway Bobbysocks "Waiting For The Morning" English 5 62
Kaministiquia 24th Norway Dance with a Stranger "Everyone Needs a Friend" English 8 47
Saint Eva & Lepland 25th Sweden Rednex "Cotton Eye Joe" English 3 65
Bitland 26th Norway Anita Hegerland "Jeg Vil ha En Liten Hund" Norwegian 11 32

Junior Internatia Song Contest[edit]

Kimmystan made their debut in the 16th edition of the Junior Internatia Song Contest. Kimmystan won the 17th edition and 20th edition of Junior Internatia Song Contest and hosted the 18th edition. The entries are internally selected by KimmiTV 3 (Channel 3) which is the local children TV channel. Kimmystan achieved an honorable 2nd place in the 18th edition and managed to host a successful edition. Despite being successful in the contest, Kimmystan came last during the 27th edition held in Gandhara.

Edition Artist Language Title Place Points
Kosma 16th Norway Markus & Martinus Norwegian "Plystre På Deg" 16 42
Men̈́sa 17th Finland Jenni Jaakkola Finnish "Tämä on unta" 1 80
Kimmystan 18th Armenia Luara English "Fire In Me" 2 100
Kosma 19th Portugal Diogo Garcia Portuguese "Sinto-me livre contigo" 9 54
Alteus 20th France Les Kids United French "On Ecrit Sur Les Murs" 1 85
Kimmystan 21st Denmark Emilie Esther English "Hey Love" 6 68
Raingate 22nd Norway Mathea-Mari English "One Of Them" 2 66
Raingate 23rd Spain Eva Ruiz Spanish "No Creo En Tu Amor" 4 55
Raingate 24th Norway Marcus & Martinus ft. Madcon English "Girls" 4 49
Victoria 25th Ukraine Dasha Pyshnaya Ukrainian "Namalyuy" 3 59
Victoria 26th Sweden Bubbles English "Rock The World" 5 65
Gandhara 27th Belarus Zina Kupriyanovich Russian "Muzyka Dnya" 10 44
Tikata 28th Malta Destiny Chukunyere English "Embrace The Love" 3 46
Thorway 29th Israel Adi Bity Hebrew "Yareach Male" 4 59
Grolskira 30th Bulgaria Kristian Kostov Bulgarian "Ne Si Za Men" 4 64
Amsteris 31st Sweden Emoj English "Spin It (The Fidget Song) "

Outernatia Song Contest[edit]

Kimmystan takes part in Outernatia Song Contest and are currently on the waiting list for the Internatia Song Contest. The nation made their debut in the 9th Edition of the Outernatia Song Contest. Kimmystan has taken part since OSC 9 and has no intention of withdrawing from the contest. KimmiTV 1 (Channel 1) is responsible of choosing the entry either by internal selection or by using the national selection called Kimmystan NF.

Kimmystan won the OSC 15 and OSC 17, and will hosted the OSC 17 and OSC 19. They won with the song Lifetime sung by Nicole Sabouné, the song received 110 points in the Final, and received 3 more points than the runner up which Porielana. Kimmystan also won the Semi Finals of that edition with 103 points.

Their 2nd victory came on home soil with the song Ecos de Amor sung by Jesse & Joy, they achieved 109 points. In the 25th edition, they managed to win again with the song Love Somebody by Aura. Only 3 editions later they won again for the fourth time with the song Inside The Lines by Mike Perry ft. Casso! Kimmystan was therefor the first country to win the contest four times.

Edition Artist Title Place Points Semi Points
Gandhara 9th Norway Carina Dahl "If That's The Only Way" 12 62 No semi-finals
Gebze 10th United States Sky Ferreira "Lost In My Bedroom" 14 54
Noxus 11th Lithuania Rasa ir Jonas "Teka Saule" 7 70
Lettuce 12th United States Claire De Lune "Skipping Stones" 5 94
RC Laranjeiras 13th Burundi Khadja Nin "Mama" 6 96 8 59
Timivar 14th Denmark Freja "Young Heart" 10 63 No semi-finals
Victoria 15th Sweden Nicole Sabouné "Lifetime" 1 110 1 103
Auspikitan 16th France Margaux Avril "Lunatique" 11 70 4 77
Kimmystan 17th Mexico Jesse & Joy "Ecos de Amor" 1 109 Host country
Trešlend 18th Russia Sergey Lazarev "7 Wonders" 2 128 No semi-finals
Kimmystan 19th Norway Linni Meister, Katastrofe & Morgan Sulele "Øl" 3 108 Host country
Alteus 20th Australia Josef Salvat "Punchline" 2 122 1 95
Grolskira 21st Uzbekistan Nilufar Usmonova "Dona" 8 77 9 53
Kimmystan 22nd Norway Adelén "Wild Like Me" 8 91 Host Country
Waticania 23rd Italy Elisa "No Hero" 2 121 2 91
Sunetti 24th Norway Alan Walker "Sing Me to Sleep" 3 108 1 89
Laranjeiras 25th Denmark Aura "Love Somebody" 1 125 1 87
Auspikitan 26th Greece Helena Paparizou "Fiesta" 8 79 3 80
Kimmystan 27th United States Billie Eilish "Six Feet Under" 3 128 Host Country
Alteus 28th Sweden Mike Perry ft. Casso "Inside The Lines" 1 128 2 81
Gandhara 29th Sweden Sophia Somajo "Klein Blue" 2 124 3 60
Kimmystan 30th United Kingdom Ward Thomas "Carry You Home" 1 129 Host Country
Arcorar 31st Netherlands Eva Simons & Sidney Samson "Escape From Love" Did Not Qualify 10 56
Kimmystan 32nd Norway United States Kygo ft. Selena Gomez "It Ain't Me" 2 133 Host Country
Vydrja 33rd Australia Dean Lewis "Waves" 2 116 7 64
Timivar 34th Norway Christiane ft. Rat City "Touch Me Like That" 1 101 3 76
Timivar 35th Poland Margaret "What You Do" 1 132 No semi-finals
Kimmystan 36th United Kingdom Sweden Clean Bandit ft. Zara Larsson "Symphony" 2 117 Host Country
Oalia 37th Sweden Little Jinder "Super 8" TBA TBA
Kaministiquia 38th Jamaica United States Virgin Islands Samantha J. ft. R.City "Baby Love" TBA TBA

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