Dinokratys & Shrikidai

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Dinokratys & Shrikidai
Flag of Dinokratys & Shrikidai
Capital Sontiegru
Official languages Dinoky, Shriki & Kidatu
Recognised regional languages Deunto & Margeytrë
Ethnic groups (5)

48% Dinokratyn 35% Shiriki

10% Kida

4% Deunto

3% Marget
Demonym Dinokratyn
HDI (2012) Increase 0.795
Currency Meindu (MDS)
Drives on the left
Calling code +870
Internet TLD .ds

Dinokratys & Shrikidai is a country in Southern Internatia, bordered by DPR Jindalea, Swelatie, Harlequenia and Canedonia. Sontiegru is the capital city.

Administrative divisions[edit]

Dinokratys & Shrikidai have 5 regions, following the 5 groups in the country.The regions are:







Map of Dinokratys & Shrikidai

Dinokratys & Shrikidai is situated in the southern Internatia with four neighbours: DPR Jindalea, Harlequenia, Swelatie and Canedonia.


Dinokratys & Shrikidai is a tropical country, which makes higher temperature and rain every day.


The country's economy is so unstable and the currency is so undervalued, so the country is poor. In the firsts days of new year, the new president of Dinokratys & Shrikidai, Mr. Reynaldo Mangdevu tries to make a new economic plan.


The country have 3 oficial languages. The languages are:

-Dinoky, spoken by everybody (most important language in the country)

-Shriki, spoken by 42% of population (Shrikis, Deuntos & Margets)

-Kidatu, spoken by 13% of population (Kidas & Margets)

The country also have 2 minoritary languages:

-Deunto, spoken by 4% of population (only Deuntos)

-Margeytrë, spoken by 3% population (only Margets)


In Dinokratys & Shrikidai, 58% of the population are Chrsitian, 16% are Jewish, 16% are Muslim and 10% are from Other religions.


TaRDiS official logo.

The only Television state channel present in Dinokratys & Shrikidai is the "Tavrovisiu ith Radinu dëë Dinokratys ith Shirikidai" (TaRDiS). The television state channel broadcast news, music, food, sports & politics treads during all the 24hours. The television state channel are also a member of IBU and participates in Internatia Song Contest since the 6th edition.