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Member station Radio and Television of Gandhara (RTG)
National selection events
Participation summary
Appearances 59
First appearance OSC 1
Best result 1st: OSC 7, OSC 27
Worst result Last: OSC 57
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Gandhara's page at Escforum.net

Gandhara has participated in every Outernatia Song Contest since its debut at the first contest with the song "Libertango", performed by Hiba Tawaji in the Arabic language. The country has won twice, in the 7th edition, with the song "Aman" by Myriam Fares, and in the 27th edition, with the song "Alive" by Dami Im. Gandhara is the only country that participated in every edition of the contest.

The first fourteen entries have been performed in the Arabic language. For the 15th edition of the contest, the Gandhari public broadcaster Radio and Television of Gandhara abandoned the rule that songs must be performed in Arabic, and Mähri Pirgulyýewa got the right to represent Gandhara with her Turkmen song "Aýterek Günterek". During the final, Mähri Pirgulyýewa received 104 points and a fourth-place finish. It was the country's best result at the time, since Myriam Fares' win in the 7th edition, and the first time Gandhara scored over 100 points. Gandhara also finished second in the 24th edition, with the song "Snowstorm" by Jess Lee.

Since the introduction of semi-finals, Gandhara missed the final on seven occasions. Gandhara has won their semi-final six times and finished as runner-up on seven occasions.


Table key
  Second place
  Third place
  Last place
  Jury qualifier
  Did not compete
Edition Artist Language Title Place Points Semi Points
1st Hiba Tawaji Arabic "Libertango" (تانغو الحرية) 10 57 No semi-finals
2nd Yara Arabic "Ma Baaref" (ما بعرف) 11 39
3rd Carole Samaha Arabic "Sahranine" (سهرانين) 4 75
4th Amal Maher Arabic "A'raf Mneen" (أعرف منين) 6 52
5th Mohamed Hamaki Arabic "Haga Mestakhabeya" (حاجة مستخبية) 10 48
6th Fady Harb Arabic "Shu Baki" (شو باكي) 12 34
7th Myriam Fares Arabic "Aman" (آمان) 1 80
8th Ragheb Alama Arabic "Betfell" (بتفل) 10 45
9th Samira Said Arabic "Mazal" (مازال) 16 35
10th Sandy Arabic "Roho Ololo" (روحو قولوله) 15 47
11th Sherine Arabic "Hatrooh" (هتروح) 21 35
12th Yasmine Ammari Arabic "Nkhaf Nabghik" (نخاف نبغيك) 27 22
13th Zaed Naes Arabic "Shattiet" (شتيت) Failed to qualify 16 23
14th Shiraz Arabic "Amout Wansak" (اموت وانساك) 22 43 No semi-finals
15th Mähri Pirgulyýewa Turkmen "Aýterek Günterek" 4 104 16 37
16th Gülyaru Uyghur "Shirinjan" Failed to qualify 10 33
17th Jiidesh İdirisova Kyrgyz "Kim Bilet" (ким билет) 19 73 8 57
18th Indira Edilbaeva Kazakh "Zharygym" (Жарығым) 9 62 No semi-finals
19th Summer Chinese "Colorful Black" 5 91 2 82
20th Kiwi Mongolian "Namriin Boroond Bi Gomdson" 10 89 6 61
21st Jane Zhang English "Dream It Possible" 7 77 1 84
22nd The5 Arabic "Bel Gharam" (بالغرام) 16 72 1 102
23rd Zhanar Dugalova Kazakh "Ayta Bersin" (Айта берсін) 10 103 7 62
24th Jess Lee Chinese "Snowstorm" 2 109 2 66
25th Ailee Korean, English "Heaven" 7 98 2 66
26th Princess Ai & A-Lin Chinese "Wo Bu Li kai" (我不離開) 15 69 1 98
27th Dami Im English "Alive" 1 139 2 89
28th GARNiDELiA Japanese "Yakusoku" (約束) 7 96 1 87
29th BLACKPINK Korean, English "Playing with Fire" 4 98 Host country
30th Tan Weiwei Chinese "Na Shi De Guang" (那時的光) 16 49 2 74
31st Nik Qistina English "Young Hearts" 13 60 4 88
32nd Diana Wang Chinese, English "I Don't Know" Failed to qualify 11 56
33rd AOA Korean "Excuse Me" 17 40 7 63
34th Gayle Nerva English "Echoes" 9 70 2 79
35th Taeyeon Korean "Fine" 13 60 No semi-finals
36th Alan Dawa Dolma Chinese "Chàng Gěi Tiānkōng Tīng" (唱给天空听) 13 56 6 50
37th Oonagh & Safri Duo German "Zeit der Sommernächte" 5 106 2 81
38th Amre Kazakh "Aitshy Zhauabyn" (Айтшы жауабын) 5 113 1 100
39th The5 Arabic "La Bezzaf" (لا بزاف) 4 112 5 74
40th Lucy English "Best Of Me" 6 87 7 63
41st Helly Luv English "Risk It All" 6 119 9 53
42nd A-Lin Chinese "Go" (一直走) 21 56 7 54
43rd Priscilla Abby Chinese, English "I Love the Sky" Failed to qualify 14 40
44th Iveta Mukuchyan Armenian "Hayastan Jan" (Հայաստան ջան) 13 52
45th Samra English "Hypnotized" 6 76 8 64
46th SEVENTEEN Korean "Thanks" (고맙다) 16 73 6 60
47th Far East Movement ft. Tiffany & King Chain English "Don't Speak" 20 61 7 63
48th Demy Greek "Orio Kanena" (Όριο Κανένα) Failed to qualify 11 49
49th (G)I-DLE Korean "Latata" 11 84 4 68
50th Alizée French "Moi... Lolita" 3 137 1 116
51st Sandra English "Everlasting Love" Failed to qualify 14 34
52nd Kygo ft. Conrad Sewell English "Firestone" 18 69 6 60
53rd 100% Korean "Heart" (맘) Failed to qualify 16 26
54th Móldir Áýelbelkova Kazakh "Tuǵan el" (Tyғaн eл) 2 161 1 94
55th Little Mix ft. Nicki Minaj English "Woman Like Me" 7 101 6 69
56th Erika Chinese "Swan Story" 15 81 9 58
57th MAMAMOO Korean, English "Décalcomanie" 21 58 3 70
58th Nina Sublatti English "My Dear Friend" Failed to qualify 15 42
59th Avicii ft. Aloe Blacc English "SOS" 17 60 8 55
60th Chung Ha Korean "Gotta Go" (벌써 12시) 5 110 2 92
61st BoA Korean "CAMO" 10 90 5 64

Voting history

As of the 26th edition, Gandhara's voting history is as follows:


Edition Location Venue Presenters
9th Rhea Minna Theater Rita Hayek and Malek Maktabi
29th International Exhibition Center Dami Im and Said Karmouz


To celebrate every 25 editions of the Outernatia Song Contest, a Congratulations contest is organised on behalf of the Outernatian Broadcasting Union (OBU).

25 Editions

OSC Congratulations: 25 Editions of the Outernatia Song Contest was held in commemoration of the first 25 editions of the contest. Almarania and Gandhara planned to place a joint bid to host the contest, but eventually they withdrew their bid.[1] Victoria and Laranjeiras received the right to host the first OSC Congratulations. Raingate won the edition with the song "Throne", performed by the English rock band Bring Me The Horizon. Jess Lee, who came 2nd in the 24th edition with her song "Snowstorm", represented Gandhara. She finished 8th in a field of 21 participants with 66 points.

Edition Artist Language Title Place Points Final (OSC 24) Points (OSC 24)
24th Jess Lee Chinese "Snowstorm" 8 66 2 109

50 Editions

OSC Congratulations: 50 Editions of the Outernatia Song Contest will be held to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the Outernatia Song Contest. Lettuce and Gandhara submitted a joint bid to host the contest.[2] The bid from Lettuce and Gandhara with the slogan Back to BASICS was announced as winning bid on 14 August 2018.[3] The contest consists of two semi-finals in the Lettucian cities of Konami and Hugo Chávez City, the nation's capital, and a final in Gandhara's capital Rhea.

The5, who finished 4th in the 39th edition with the song "La Bezzaf", will represent Gandhara.


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