Gandhara in the Outernatia Song Contest 7

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Outernatia Song Contest 7
Country  Gandhara
National selection
Selection process Nights of Gandhara
Selection date(s) 6 March 2015
Selected entrant Myriam Fares
Selected song "Aman"
Finals performance
Final result 1st, 80 points
Gandhara in the Outernatia Song Contest
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Gandhara participated in the Outernatia Song Contest 7 in Kraków, Polland. Their entry was selected through the national final Nights of Gandhara, organised by the Gandhari broadcaster Radio and Television of Gandhara (RTG).

Myriam Fares won the national final and represented Gandhara with the Arabic language song "Aman". Fares went on to win the Outernatia Song Contest, bringing Gandhara their first victory. "Aman" received a total of 80 points and full marks from four countries.

Nights of Gandhara[edit]

Nights of Gandhara is a song contest that served as Gandhara's national final to select their entry for the Outernatia Song Contest 7. The competition was held on 6 March 2015 at the Minna Theater in Rhea and was presented by Nadine Njeim.

Competing entries[edit]

Five acts competed in the national final. The competing songs and artists were announced on 14 February 2015.[1] The winner was decided by 4 professional juries from different countries, who awarded 12, 10 and 8 points to their 3 favorite songs. "Aman" won by a 12-point margin, having been ranked first by two of the juries.

Draw Artist Language Song Place Points
1 Shayma Helali Arabic "Ya Nahar" (يا نهار) 2 30
2 Myriam Fares Arabic "Aman" (آمان) 1 42
3 Haitham Sa'eid Arabic "Homma Malhom Bina Ya Leil" (هما مالهم بينا يا ليل) 3 20
4 Mohamed Nour Arabic "El Farah" (الفرح) 4 20
5 Pascale Machaalani Arabic "Ya Mdagdag" (يا مدقدق) 5 8

Score sheet[edit]

Song Total Lettuce Lost Islands Dulcet Ebullience Gandhara
"Ya Nahar" (يا نهار) 30 8 10 12
"Aman" (آمان) 42 12 12 8 10
"Homma Malhom Bina Ya Leil" (هما مالهم بينا يا ليل) 20 12 8
"El Farah" (الفرح) 20 10 10
"Ya Mdagdag" (يا مدقدق) 8 8

At Outernatia[edit]

Myriam Fares performed 4th in the running order, following Almarania and preceding Rascia. At the close of the voting "Aman" had received 80 points from 10 countries, placing Gandhara 1st of 13 competing countries.

Points awarded by Gandhara[edit]

12 points  Almarania
10 points  Dulcet Ebullience
8 points  Green Apple
7 points  RC Laranjeiras
6 points  Lettuce
5 points  Thorway
4 points  Polland
3 points  Rascia
2 points  Xara Khanate
1 point  Ponásikwa

Points awarded to Gandhara[edit]

12 points 10 points 8 points 7 points 6 points
  •  Thorway
  •  Polland
  •  Noxus
  •  Lettuce
  •  Xara Khanate
  •  RC Laranjeiras
  •  Rascia
  •  Auspikitan
5 points 4 points 3 points 2 points 1 point
  •  Ponásikwa
  •  Dulcet Ebullience

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