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The Kingdom of Haven
Flag of Haven
Coat of Arms of Haven
Coat of Arms
Motto: The Almighty Ahura will protect us!
Anthem: Long live the Queen!
Location of Haven in Internatia
Location of Haven in Internatia
CapitalHaven Capital City
Official languagesEnglish, French, Spanish, Arabic
Ethnic groupsHavenian
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
• Monarch
Sophia I
• First Kingdom
2 March 1544
• Reconquista
25 October 2013
• New constitution
21 February 2017
94,680 km2 (36,560 sq mi)
• Water (%)
To be added later
• 2016 census
12 454 000
GDP (PPP)2016 estimate
• Total
$513 billion
• Per capita
$41,200 (N/A)
HDI (2012).950
very high
CurrencySira (S)
Time zone+0
Date formatDD/MM/YYYY
Drives on theright
Calling code+193
Internet TLD.hv

Haven, officially referred to as the The Kingdom of Haven is a sovereign state in North-West Internatia. Its mainland is bordered to the East by Ruthsina and Atsoumpalia; to the South by Alexandria.

The current Havenian state was established after the Reconquista of the havenian homeland after the collapse of the Irlandian civilization in Internatia. The current ruler is Her Majesty Queen Sophia I of Haven since 21 February 2012.

Haven is considered to be a great power in Internatia, with significant military influence thanks to it's navy and high tech military. It's economy is based on clean energy , military exports and advanced technology researches.

Havenians are deeply religious people and believe in the god Ahura, God of knowledge. Haven is multilingual thanks to a massive immigration process initiated by Queen Sophia I to reunite all Ahuran believers in the homeland.


First Kingdom[edit]

The oldest documents date the foundation of the Kingdom in 1455, on the ruins of a previous city-state, by a group of refugees led by Ahura, God of knowledge and the first King of Haven, Justinian I. Haven was a really small platform floating with unknown technology. Havenians feared an invasion so they drove the city away from the continent and entered in diplomatic isolation for more than 100 years. Thanks to Ahura's knowledge, Havenians learned to harness the powers of nature.

Havenian legends say that a huge civil war almost destroyed pre-Havenian civilization and the floating city was given by the almighty Ahura to protect the survivors from destruction. Those who survived dedicated their lives to worship Ahura, who gave them food, shelter and a city that will protect believers forever.

In 1634, foreign sailors found the city and tried to plunder it. The Royal guard killed them and their boats were given to the newly formed Royal navy. Havenians were traumatized by the event and King Robert I ordered the construction of an huge naval fleet to protect the holy city and prevent the savages from hurting Havenians again. In 1734, a trade fleet was build to supply the growing city but no foreigners were allowed inside the city, fearing another attack. Diplomatic relations were limited to prevent any foreigners from knowing too much about Havenian technology and it's location.

Modern Era[edit]

After the coronation of the new Queen, Her Majesty the Queen of Haven ordered the opening of diplomatic channels with every internatian nations. It's first contacts were with Tikata where the Prince Consort of Haven was born. Other embassies were opened and foreigners were allowed to enter the capital.

Reconquista and restoration[edit]

The country called Irlandia was attacked by a plague known by Havenian scientists as the Great Destroyer. The irlandian government collapsed and more than 90 % of the population died. Havenian scientists managed to only save 700 000 people. Most havenians are immunized to this virus because Havenians discovered a cure years ago so archaeologists secretly working on irlandian soil were spared. They found ruins that legally allowed the government of Haven to claim the whole territory (or the fact the whole government of Irlandia died from the plague). The Holy City was once again connected to the ground for the first time in almost 600 years. A call from Queen Sophia and the Holy Church of Ahura to invite every ahuran believer to immigrate and gain automatic citizenship.

However, the irlandian minority revolted against the Havenian rule and after several terrorist attack targeting goverment official and the Royal Family, Prince Thomas of Tikata was badly wounded in protecting Queen Sophia, pregnant with twins at that time. This event triggered the full civil war that lasted more than a month. 10 000 civilians (havenians and lrlandians) died in this conflict and the Havenian army succeeded in crushing the rebels. Her Majesty the Queen offered amnesty to every Irlandian wishing to stay in Haven and give up their weapons and claim on the Holy Land. More than 400 000 irlandians accepted this deal and received government support to rebuilt their houses, schools and hospitals. More than 300 000 Irlandians chose to leave the country. These citizens will never be allowed to come back. This peace deal was harsh and controversial but it finally restored stability.


Haven is a constitutional monarchy that operate under a constitution approved by a council of scholars recruited from all over Internatia. The constitution guarantee human dignity, the separation of power between the monarch, the federal structure and rule of law.

Haven has a hereditary monarch and a council of governors. The council of governors is a council where members are the 7 governors from havenian provinces. Their mandate is to support the government and the head of state in the administration of the kingdom. The council of governors are responsible for naming ministers from a list provided by the Head of state. Candidate must be experienced havenians with no political affiliation. Their mandate are limited to 4 years and can be dismissed by a majority vote from the Council of governors and final approval from the head of state. This government was introduced after a failed experiment called « representative democracy » which ended in a civil war between monarchists and republicans, More than 5 000 citizens died in the civil war and thanks to the military and the Queen power and reputation, both sides were forced to disarm. A transition government was imposed until a new constitution and government was named in December 2016.


Havenians are proud of their navy, one of the most powerful in Internatia. The only purpose of the naval fleet is to protect Haven from every invasion and to destroy enemies before their reach city gates. Haven City was made as a floating fortress with impressive anti-air defenses to eliminate attackers trying to destroy the city. Even if Haven is an advanced military nation, there are no plans or desires to invade another country. War is chaotic, unpredictable and dangerous so no havenian ruler will agree to a military invasion.

There are rumors that the capital is protected by an high-tech defense system powered by the powerful deuterium power plant at the center of the city. Other rumors are saying the capital is able to project an invisible protection shield to repel missiles and any foreign

Haven will offer military support to every nation asking for humanitarian help but will never agree to support a genocide. Recent events and the assassination attempt supported by foreign enemies forced the government to modify the official foreign policy. Any country found guilty of supporting dissidents or terrorists will suffer military and economic sanctions.

It is known that Haven have a large stock of non-nuclear weapons of mass destruction.

Haven is a founding member of the North Internatia Treaty Organization and will use military force to defend members of the alliance.

Foreign Relations[edit]

The Kingdom of Haven plan to open embassies in every Internatian country and plan to have peaceful and positive relationships with every nations.

Haven support free trade and peaceful cooperation. As long as foreign ambassadors and merchants don't break the law, they will be welcome to open trade offices and embassies.However, Requests to share military technologies will be refused because Haven doesn't want to be responsible with the creation of other WMD. Countries caught spying on Haven to obtain these technologies will be severely punished.

Since January 1st 2014, Haven is member of the International Free Trade Association.


The nation of Tikata is a faithful friend and ally to Haven. Both royal families are linked with marriage and the tikatan government always supported Haven against people who threatened it's existence. If Tikata is under attack, Haven will use it's military ressources to support it's friend. Tikata is one of the most important trade partner of Haven.


'Accusations of irlandian genocide'

The Tonallani government accused Haven of Irlandian genocide to seize control of our holy land. This statement and a crisis almost started a war betweed Tonallan and Haven. Diplomations relations were stopped and tonallani citizens were forbidden to trade and enter our national borders. More, Tonallan said that Haven was part of the Axis of Evil.

Tonallán openly supported the Irlandian government in exile and asked the G10 to impose sanctions on Haven. However, Tikata said it would veto any sanction against Haven.

No Tonallani is allowed in Haven and as long as their government will support aggressive foreign policies that threaten Haven stability, they will be forbidden to enter Haven.

Tonallan is accused of supporting terrorists in Haven.

After the government discovered that 5 havenians plotted the irlandian genocide and were executed, Tonallan and haven reopened embassies and normalized diplomatic relations.


Relations with Kosma soured after the incident with Tonallan, their ally. The government tried to send an olive branch by sending a special gift to Kosmaunaut majority but sadly, they still support Tonallani version of events. Kosma and haven enjoy a stable relationship and both have embassies.

The League of Internatians Against Royalty (L.I.A.R.)

Haven oppose this organization led by Tonallan, who is against monarchies and promote republics. After they threatened to make revolutions in countries with monarch leaders, many countries united and created the North Internatia Treaty Organization, a military alliance. This alliance was dissolved after Tonallan abandoned their claims.

Haven Capital City[edit]

Haven Capital City is the economic, political and religious center of Haven. It is the oldest city in the country and was previously an floating city. Believed to be a gift from Ahura himself to the first King of Haven, most havenians consider the capital as the holy site of the Ahuran faith. Until recently, the capital was forbidden to foreigners to protect it's secrets. After the reconquest of the mainland, the capital was reconnected to the land. Home to more than 4 million people, it is the biggest city in the country. Many consider the capital as one of the most beautiful city in northern Internatia with it's water canals, impressive skyscrapers and vegetation everywhere.

It's greatest landmark is the Royal Palace of Haven, where the Royal family live.



Haven is a stable high tech economy. The biggest industries are research, shipbuilding, defense, aquaculture and are mostly controlled by crown corporations. Service industries are private owned.

Education is really important because technology is a gift from Ahura and havenians must be educated to develop new technologies. Only science allowed Haven to survive in an hostile environment.

Energy production is 100 % CO2 free. Havenian scientists mastered the fusion power with deuterium. By refining deuterium from sea water, Haven have an almost unlimited energy supply. Worried this knowledge could be used to create weapons of mass destruction, only a limited number citizens have access to this technology and their identity are unknown. Current estimations from scientists forecast that Haven will have enough energy supply until our Sun dies, which is 5 billion years. In a spirit of cooperation, the deuterium reactor technology was shared with havenian allies like Tikata.

A new energy generator was built at the heart of the capital, powerful enough to supply energy for more than 10 million citizens for decades. Scientists gave the name of "Heart of Haven" to this technological achievement.


Haven is a multicultural and multilingual country, thanks to the massive immigration from every ahuran believer from other countries.

750 000 citizens, mostly resident of the capital are descendants from the first Havenians who stayed on the floating city for centuries. Except the irlandian minority, the majority of Haven population is made of Havenians who fled the overpopulation of the city decades and centuries ago to move in other internatian countries. After the reconquest of the homeland, they all came back to be reunited with their brothers and sisters.

Ahuran Faith and other religions[edit]

Ahura was part of the Old Gods pantheon. However, theological differences created a schism because proto-Havenians started to worship only Ahura, the God of Knowledge. It is because of the Old Gods religion that Havenians were persecuted more than 550 years ago and forced to exile. Ahura gave Havenians the holy city as a fortress to protect it's believers. Ahura is the protector of Haven.

Every havenian is a member of the Holy Church of Ahura, the only faith in Haven right now. Ahura faith order believers to promote peace, order and science.

After political reforms, freedom of religion became a new right for every Havenian. To confirm the separation of the Church from the state, the Holy Chuch of Ahura is not supported financially by the government.

The Kingdom of Haven in the Internatia Song Contest.[edit]

HBC participated for the first time in ISC 17.