ISC Revisits ESC 2001

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ISC Revisits ESC 2001
Final 2001
Venue Parken Stadium
Copenhagen, Denmark
Presenter(s) Natasja Crone Back
Søren Pilmark
Host broadcaster  Territrius
Number of entries 23
Returning  Bosnia & Herzegovina
Withdrawing  Austria
Voting system 10 favourites are awarded 12, 10, then 8 through 1 points by all voters.


Draw Country Artist Song Language Place Points
01  Netherlands Michelle "Out On My Own" English
02  Iceland Two Tricky "Angel" English
03  Bosnia & Herzegovina Nino Pršeš "Hano" Bosnian, English
04  Norway Haldor Lægreid "On My Own" English
05  Israel Tal Sondak "En Davar" (אין דבר) Hebrew
06  Russia Mumiy Troll "Lady Alpine Blue" English
07  Sweden Friends "Listen to Your Heartbeat" English
08  Lithuania SKAMP "You Got Style" English, Lithuanian
09  Latvia Arnis Mednis "Too Much" English
10  Croatia Vanna "Strings of My Heart" English
11  Portugal MTM "Só sei ser feliz assim" Portuguese
12  Ireland Gary O'Shaughnessy "Without Your Love" English
13  Spain David Civera "Dile que la quiero" Spanish
14  France Natasha St-Pier "Je n'ai que mon âme" French, English
15  Turkey Sedat Yüce "Sevgiliye Son" Turkish, English
16  United Kingdom Lindsay Dracass "No Dream Impossible" English
17  Slovenia Nuša Derenda "Energy" English
18  Poland Piasek "2 Long" English
19  Germany Michelle "Wer Liebe lebt" German, English
20  Estonia Tanel Padar, Dave Benton & 2XL "Everybody" English
21  Malta Fabrizio Faniello "Another Summer Night" English
22  Greece Antique "Die for You" Greek, English
23  Denmark Rollo & King "Never Ever Let You Go" English