Internatia Second Chance Contest 24

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Internatia Second Chance Contest 24
ISCC 24 logo.png
Final12 December 2015
VenueGandhara Massira Theater, Manas, Gandhara
Host broadcasterRadio and Television of Gandhara (RTG)
Opening act"Appak Suyuu" performed by Yulia Rutskaya
Number of entries11
Returning Grolskira
Withdrawing Nicolas' Neighbour
 Republica Libera
Voting system10 favourites are awarded 12, 10, then 8 through 1 points by all participants.
Winning song

The Internatia Second Chance Contest 24 was the 24th edition of the Internatia Second Chance Contest. The contest took place in Manas, Gandhara, following Yulia Rutskaya's win in the 23rd edition with the song "Appak Suyuu". The contest was held on 12 December 2015 at the Massira Theater, and was presented by Amr Mostafa and Wafaa El Kilany.

Gandhara won for the second consecutive time, during their second participation, with Safura's song "March On". Gandhara received 8 points more than Sunetti, that ended second. Raingate came third.


Location of the host city.

Gandhara, along with their national broadcaster RTG, hosted the contest at the Massira Theater in the city of Manas. It was the first time that the Internatia Second Chance Contest was staged in Gandhara. Araz and Kazmi were also reportedly interested in hosting the contest, but both cities pulled out of the bidding phase as they were not able to meet the cost of the venue and promotion.

On 15 November 2015, RTG announced Manas as the host city for the contest.[1] Manas had two possible venues: the International Convention Center, that was also in the race to host the Outernatia Song Contest 9, and the Massira Theater. The contest was held at the Massira Theater, which has an overall capacity of approximately 22,500 people.


The presenters Wafaa El Kilany and Amr Mostafa.

Eleven countries participated, enough to use the traditional voting system. Each jury gave 12 points to the best song, 10 to the second best, then 8 to the third, and so forth until the tenth song received a single point. The draw for running order was held on 28 November 2015 in Manas, with Grolskira opening the show and host country Gandhara performing last for a second consecutive time.[2] The contest was open to non-winning songs that participated in a national final. Even if a national final was cancelled, songs from that national final were eligible to enter. Also when a song won a national final, but wasn't sent to a contest, the song could still participate, which was the case with Noxus' entry in the 21st edtion.

Tie-break rules[edit]

The official rules of the Internatia Song Contest were followed. During the Internatia Song Contest, in the event of more than one country scoring the same total number of points, a count is made of the numbers of countries who awarded points to each of the tied countries, and the one who received points from the most countries is placed above the other tied countries. This was not necessary during this edition, as every participant was guaranteed to receive at least one point from every other country. If two or more countries were tied, the sets of maximum points (12 points) each country received was counted. If there was still a tie, the numbers of 10-point scores awarded were compared, and then the numbers of 8-point scores, all the way down the list. In the unlikely event that there would still be a tie between two or more songs, the song that performed earliest in the running order would be placed above the other tied songs.


On 28 November 2015, the presenters of the contest were announced. The contest was presented by Amr Mostafa, a singer and composer, and Wafaa El Kilany, a TV host who worked for important Arab TV channels.


Eleven countries participated in the contest. Nicolas' Neighbour and Republica Libera withdrew from the contest, while Grolskira and Lettuce returned. Kaeros Islands, winner during their last participation in the 20th edition, and Kaledonii, who participated for the last time in the 21st edition, announed their return to the contest, but both countries didn't sent an entry before the deadline.


Draw Country Artist Song National final Place Points
1  Grolskira Fall Out Boy "Thnks fr th Mmrs" 6th (ISC 41/42) 5 60
2  Tikata Piersi "Bałkanica" Quarter-finals (ISC 25) 9 52
3  Huania Alexander Rybak "Kotik" 3rd (ISC 40) 7 53
4  Sunetti Ivan Torrent "Remember Me" (ft. Roger Berruezo) 3rd (ISC 22) 2 69
5  Raingate Taeyeon "I" (ft. Verbal Jint) 2nd (OSC16) 3 62
6  Lettuce Ajda Pekkan "Ara Sıcak" (ft. Ozan Çolakoğlu) 3rd (OSC 10) 4 62
7  Kimmystan Cappa "Other Girls" 3rd (OSC 16/17) 11 42
8  Jhe Freeh Vera de Bree "Als Donderslag" 4th (OSC 16)1 8 52
9  Irdminia Young Guns "Rising Up" 3rd (ISC 41) 10 51
10  Saint Eva & Lepland Roger Cicero "In Diesem Moment" 2nd (ISC 13) 6 58
11  Gandhara (host) Safura "March On" 4th (OSC 16) 1 77
1. ^ In the Second Chance round.


Total Grolskira Tikata Huania Sunetti Raingate Lettuce Kimmystan Land of Jhe Freeh Irdminia Saint Eva & Lepland Gandhara
Grolskira 60 8 7 6 4 6 10 2 7 6 4
Tikata 52 6 8 12 2 2 3 4 8 1 6
Huania 53 1 1 8 6 10 2 5 6 2 12
Sunetti 69 8 5 12 3 3 4 7 12 10 5
Raingate 62 2 4 4 7 12 12 8 4 8 1
Lettuce 62 3 12 5 4 7 5 3 10 3 10
Kimmystan 42 4 2 1 3 10 1 6 2 5 8
Jhe Freeh 52 10 3 6 1 1 5 6 1 12 7
Irdminia 51 12 7 3 5 8 4 1 1 7 3
Saint Eva & Lepland 58 7 10 2 2 5 7 8 12 3 2
Gandhara 77 5 6 10 10 12 8 7 10 5 4

12 points[edit]

Below is a summary of the maximum 12 points each country awarded to another:

N. Contestant Nation(s) giving 12 points
2 Raingate Kimmystan, Lettuce
Sunetti Huania, Irdminia
1 Gandhara Raingate
Huania Gandhara
Irdminia Grolskira
Jhe Freeh Saint Eva & Lepland
Lettuce Tikata
Saint Eva & Lepland Jhe Freeh
Tikata Sunetti


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