Internatia Second Chance Contest 26

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Internatia Second Chance Contest 26
ISCC26 logo.png
Final10 March 2016
VenueExhibition Centre, Cundere Sul, Tikata
Host broadcasterTikata RTRT
Number of entries13
Debuting Frostfall
Returning Chruno
Withdrawing Folkloria
Voting system10 favourites are awarded 12, 10, then 8 through 1 points by all participants.
Winning song Sunetti
"Release Me"

The Internatia Second Chance Contest 26 will be the 26th edition of the Internatia Second Chance Contest. It will take place in Cundere Sul, Tikata, following Tikata's victory in the 25th edition in Rhea with the song "Controvento", performed by Arisa.[1] This will be the third time the contest has taken place in Tikata, after 1st and 9th contest.

Thirteen countries confirmed their participation in the contest, with Frostfall making their début and Chruno returning while Folkloria, Grolskira, Hanzyuki and Kaledonii decided to withdraw.[2]


Locations of Cundere Sul in Tikata.
Cundere Sul

Cundere Sul
Locations of Cundere Sul in Tikata.

Host broadcaster Royal Tikatan Radio Television (RTRT) announced on 25 January 2016, the day after winning the 25th Contest, that they are planning to host contest either in Surme, or in Cundere Sur. Later that day RTRT announced that contest will take place in Exhibition Centre in Cundere Sul, largest city in Hulara and 13th largest in Tikata.[3]

Cundere Sul is a vigorous service city that is experiencing an ongoing social, economic, and aesthetic revitalisation process The city is famous for its folklore, local gastronomy, and landmarks. According to a 2013 research, Cundere Sul ranks as the most popular Tikatan city, based on where people want to live.


Each participating country has their own national jury, who will give 12 points to their favorite song, 10 to the second best, then 8 to the third, and so forth until the tenth-best ranked song receives a single point. The draw for running order is set to be held on 18 February 2016 in Cundere Sul.

The contest is open to non-winning songs that participated in a national final. Even if a national final was cancelled, songs from that national final are eligible to enter. Also when a song won a national final, but wasn't sent to a contest, the song can still participate.

Tie-break rules[edit]

The official rules of the Internatia Song Contest are followed. During the Internatia Song Contest, in the event of more than one country scoring the same total number of points, a count is made of the numbers of countries who awarded points to each of the tied countries, and the one who received points from the most countries is placed above the other tied countries. If two or more countries are still tied, the sets of maximum points (12 points) each country received is counted. If there is still a tie, the numbers of 10-point scores awarded are compared, and then the numbers of 8-point scores, all the way down the list. In the unlikely event that there is still a tie between two or more songs, the song that performed earliest in the running order will be placed above the other tied songs.


RTRT confirmed that Margo Devi, presenter of two previous contests in Tikata, is broadcaster first choice to host the contest.

Participating countries[edit]

Participating countries had time to submit their applications for participation in the contest until 17 February 2016.

Draw Country[2] Artist Song National final Place Points
1  Gandhara Asma Lamnawar[4] "Hakawa"[4] 2nd (OSC 9) 9 55
2  Sunetti Agnes "Release Me" 2nd (ISC 7) 1 90
3  Saint Eva & Lepland Got a Girl[5] "Did We Live Too Fast"[5] 2nd (ISC 44) 5 62
4  Kimmystan Lea Rue[6] "I Can't Say No"[6] 3rd (OSC 15) 2 79
5  Nicolas' Neigbour Smallpools[7] "Killerwhales"[7] 8th (ISC 39) 4 63
6  Lettuce Ethnic Zorigoo[8] "Zayan Navaa"[8] 2nd (OSC 17) 10 48
7  Jhe Freeh K3[9] "MaMaSé!"[9] Unplaced (ISC 43) 8 56
8  Frostfall Nathan Sykes[10] "Over and Over Again"[10] 2nd (OSC 18) 7 57
9  Irdminia Amelia Lily[11] "Shut Up"[11] 4th (ISC 9) 6 60
10  Tikata (host) Tegan and Sara feat. The Lonely Island "Everything Is AWESOME!!!" 2nd (ISC 42) 12 42
11  Raingate Cheryl Cole[12] "Under The Sun"[12] 3rd (OSC 13) 3 76
12  Huania Xandria[13] "Valentine"[13] Unplaced (ISC 37) 11 46
13  Chruno Jeffree Star & Nicki Minaj "Lollipop Luxury" 3rd (ISC 36) 13 20

Other countries[edit]

For a country to be eligible for potential participation in the Internatia Second Chance Contest, it needs to be an active member of the Internatia Broadcasting Union (IBU) or Outernatian Broadcasting Union (OBU). The IBU and OBU Active Members listed below have made the following announcements in regards to their decisions.

  •  Folkloria ‒ Right after the 25th edition, Folklorian broadcaster FKMTV announced that Folkloria will most likelyparticipate in 26th edition.[14] In the end FKMTV decided not to send representative to the contest.
  •  Grolskira ‒ On 16 February 2016, Grolskiric broadcaster, GLTV, announced that Grolskira will withdraw from ISCC.
  •  Ova Anova ‒ Anovese broadcaster, TAC, confirmed to RTRT that they are not planning to return to ISCC due lack of time.