Internatia Second Chance Contest 27

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Internatia Second Chance Contest 27
The Club 27
The Club 27.png
Final9 May 2016
VenueSunetti Rue, Sunetti
Host broadcasterChannel of Sunettian Isles (CSI)
Number of entries24
Voting system10 favourites are awarded 12, 10, then 8 through 1 points by all participants.
Winning song Ponásikwa
"Yenildim Daima"

The Internatia Second Chance Contest 27 is the 27th edition of the Internatia Second Chance Contest. The contest is taking place in Rue, Sunetti, following Agnes' win in the 26th edition with the song "Release Me". The contest will be held on April 2016 at the TBA, and will presented by TBA.


Location of the host city.
Location of the host city.

It will be the fourth time the Internatia Second Chance Contest will be staged in Sunetti. The contest was held at the TBA in the city of Rue, that has a capacity of approximately TBA seats. Prima Springs and Svento were also reportedly interested in hosting the contest, but Sunettian public broadcaster CSI made a unanimous agreement to give Rue the hosting rights.

On 11 March 2016, CSI announced Rue as the host city for the contest.


The contest consisted of one final, with TBA countries participating. Each participating country had their own national jury, who gave 12 points to their favorite song, 10 to the second best, then 8 to the third, and so forth until the tenth-best ranked song received a single point. The contest was open to non-winning songs that participated in a national final. Even if a national final was cancelled, songs from that national final were eligible to enter. Also when a song won a national final, but wasn't sent to a contest, the song could still participate.

Tie-break rules[edit]

The official rules of the Internatia Song Contest were followed. During the Internatia Song Contest, in the event of more than one country scoring the same total number of points, a count is made of the numbers of countries who awarded points to each of the tied countries, and the one who received points from the most countries is placed above the other tied countries. If two or more countries are still tied, the sets of maximum points (12 points) each country received is counted. If there is still a tie, the numbers of 10-point scores awarded are compared, and then the numbers of 8-point scores, all the way down the list. In the unlikely event that there is still a tie between two or more songs, the song that performed earliest in the running order will be placed above the other tied songs.






Draw Country Artist Song National final Place Points
1  Sunetti Chløë Black "27 Club" 4th (ISC 35) 5 75
2  Huania Kuba Oms "My Love" 7th (ISC 44) 22 26
3  Saint Eva & Lepland Lizzie Marvelly "Collisions" 3rd (ISC 43) 7 68
4  Waticania Cœur de pirate "Tu Oublieras Mon Nom" 5th (OSC 16) 6 69
5  Raingate Koda Kumi "No Man's Land" 3rd (M FEST 6) 11 62
6  Noxus Rebecca and Fiona "Machine" 14 48
7  Jhe Freeh Monica "Believing In Me" 8th (ISC 45) 20 28
8  Bitland Django Django "Reflections" 8th (ISC 38) 19 33
9  Auspikitan Audien ft. Lady Antebellum "Something Better" 10th (ISC 41) 2 86
10  Kimmystan Mae Valley "Brightside" 3rd (OSC 21) 3 85
11  Lettuce Kimbra "Miracle" 3rd (OSC 15) 17 41
12  Lost Islands Anna Blue "So Allein" 13 55
13  Grolskira Runaway Zoo "I Don't Wanna Talk" 3rd (ISC 46) 15 48
14  Frostfall Nadine Coyle "Insatiable" 8th (OSC 20) 21 26
15  Gandhara Shahrizoda "Samarqandning Yigitlari" 2nd (OSC 16) 12 55
16  Chruno Adelén "Baila Conmigo" Cancelled (ISC 35) 4 78
17  Folkloria Mädïna Sädwaqasova "Aytatin sagan sirim bul" 2nd (Friendship FEST 1) 24 62
18  Irdminia B2B "Leave The Cradle" 3rd (ISC 21) 18 38
19  Tonallán Maria Daniela y Su Sonido Lasser "Garras De Tigre" 16 41
20  Hanzyuki MAALA "In The Air" 1st 9 65
21  Ponásikwa Aynur Aydin "Yenildim Daima" 3rd Semi (ISC 39/OSC 10) 1 90
22  Alteus Mariette "The Next Generation Calls" 8 67
23  Tikata Marco Mengoni "Una Parola" 2nd (ISC 22) 23 24
24  Kaledonii Joe Hisaishi "Legend of Ashitaka" 2nd (ISC 45) 10 64