Internatia Second Chance Contest 46

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Internatia Second Chance Contest 46
ISCC46 logo.png
FinalNovember 2019
VenueDaǔlska Hałinaǔka, Daǔlska
Host broadcasterDaǔl National Television (DATV)
Voting system10 favourites are awarded 12, 10, then 8 through 1 points by all participants.

The Internatia Second Chance Contest 46 was the 46th edition of the Internatia Second Chance Contest. The contest took place in Hałinaǔka, Daǔlska, following Daǔl victory at the 44th contest in home soil, with the song "Melankholiya", performed by Polina Gagarina. This will be the sixth time that Daǔl National Television (DATV) host the contest.


Draw Country Artist Song National Final Place Pts
01  Daǔlska (host) Artik & Asti feat. Artem Kacher "Grustnyy Dens" OSC 65 (3rd) 3 50
02  Ladoga Blestyashchiye "A Ya Vse Letala" ISC 87 (2nd) 5 44
03  Levië Sneaky Sound System "UFO" OSC 60 (2nd) 7 34
04  Marium Nine Muses "Figaro" OSC 65 (8th) 2 56
05  Lettuce Keyakizaka46 "Eccentric" OSC 64 (14th) 4 44
06  Tikata Shaun Jacobs "End of the road" ISC 19 (5th) 1 58
07  Dulcet Ebullience Uhm Jung Hwa "Invitation" ISC 85 (3rd) 6 41
08  Polland My3 "Szkolna Sympatia" OSC 63 (DQed) 8 17