Internatia Song Contest 80

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Internatia Song Contest 80
Semi-final February 2019
Final February 2019
Venue Bonaventure, Tashkveny
Host broadcaster Tashkveny TBC
Debuting  Kox-Zoeteweij
Withdrawing  Unovah
Voting system Each country's 10 favourite songs are awarded 12, 10, then 8 through to 1 points based on the votes of the population of each country. All participating countries in the semi-finals and final will have the right to cast points in the final.

The Internatia Song Contest 80 will be the 80th monthly edition of Internatia Song Contest. The contest will be held in Bonaventure, Tashkveny after achieving their 2nd win in ISC 78 with the song "All I Want for Christmas is You" performed by Mariah Carey.

Confirmed Participants[edit]

Country Artist Song
 Alma Livre Charlie Dore "Time Goes By"
 Chruno Sabrina Carpenter "Paris"
 Dulcet Ebullience
 EdvinOla Shakira "Underneath Your Clothes"
 Luzze FAKE TYPE. "Urban Caravan"
 Mărium BIGBANG "Fantastic Baby"
 Men̈́sa Vaikinai Iš Padorių Šeimų "Vaikinai iš padorių šeimų"
 Oalia Glasperlenspiel "Ich bin ich"
 Ova Anova
 Pinnipedia Elizabeth Tan "Tabah"
 Pönö Emma Sakoloski Ensemble "Veden alla"
 Tashkveny Orange Caramel "Catallena"
 Valdron Amália Rodrigues "Cansaço"

Returning Artists[edit]

Artist Country Previous edition Previous country represented
Glasperlenspiel  Oalia ISC 71  Caprika
Sabrina Carpenter  Chruno ISC 57  Auspikitan
Shakira  EdvinOla ISC 6, ISC 20 (with Rihanna)  Anselmsuusonia,  Sibinia,  Volnytaria