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| Tarja Turunen (as part of Nightwish)
| Tarja Turunen (as part of Nightwish)
| {{flagu|Mărium}}
| {{flagu|Mărium}}
| [[Internatia Song Contest 11|ISC 11]] (as part of Nightwish), [[Internatia Song Contest 56|ISC 56]](with Jason Hook)
| [[Internatia Song Contest 11|ISC 11]] (as part of Nightwish), [[Internatia Song Contest 56|ISC 56]] (with Jason Hook)
| {{flagu|Lost Islands}}, {{flagu|Arcorar}}
| {{flagu|Lost Islands}}, {{flagu|Arcorar}}

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Internatia Song Contest 89
Millennial Icondulism
ISC 89 logo.jpg
Semi-finalNovember 2019
FinalNovember 2019
VenueNék Menage, Ħanei Čaravāz
Presenter(s)Louro José & Ulala
Host broadcasterĦanei Čaravāz TeleHanz
Number of entries53
Returning Saónas Fe Pier
Withdrawing Aurävaan
Voting systemEach country's 10 favourite songs are awarded 12, 10, then 8 through to 1 points based on the votes of the population of each country. All participating countries in the semi-finals and final will have the right to cast points in the final.

The Internatia Song Contest 89 will the 89th monthly edition of Internatia Song Contest. The contest will be held in Nék Menage, Ħanei Čaravāz, after their 2nd win in ISC 87 (first time under that name) with the song "Niamh" performed by Celtian.


The draw that determined the semi-final allocation was held on 3 November 2019 in Nék Menage. All of the participating countries were split into five pots, based on the voting history of those countries in previous years. From these pots, half (or as close to half as was possible) competed in the first semi-final. The other half in that particular pot competed in the second semi-final.

The host nation,  Ħanei Čaravāz (Pot 2), was exempt from the draw.

The pots were calculated by the Percheronian broadcaster A+ and are as following:

Pot 1 Pot 2 Pot 3 Pot 4 Pot 5


Semi-final 1

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
1  Tonallán Paté de Fuá "El fantasma enamorado"
2  Irdminia Natalia Nykiel "Kokosanki"
3  Ova Anova Tiziano Ferro & Ana Guerra "Acepto milagros"
4  Tashkveny Beatrice Eli "Trust Issues"
5  Noxus Marcin Przybyłowicz ft. Percival "Sword of Destiny"
6  Oalia KEiiNO "Dancing in the Smoke"
7  Limnoupolitana SASHA YOUTH ft. Matina Zara "I Need It"
8  Kox-Zoeteweij Regi ft. Jake Reese "Ellie"
9  Nicolas' Neighbour Bill Whelan "Riverdance"
10  Lost Islands The Exile "Na Lik Gah"
11  Ladoga Katya Chilly "Electronique Superstar"
12  Percheron Imany "Time Only Moves"
13  Aonach Boulevard Des Airs ft. Vianney "Allez reste"
14  Sunetti Blanco White ft. Malena Zavala "The Wind Rose"
15  Valdron Naiwen Yang "Repentance"
16  Enot'ebia Sonamoo "We Are Legendary"
17  Asankon Dua Lipa "Don't Start Now"
18  Pen Island Marco Mengoni "Duemila volte"
19  Fierce The Corrs "Runaway"
20  Pönö myremy ft. IA "All the King's Men Can't"
21  Kaledonii Ginette Reno "Ceux qui s'en vont"
22  Levië Kid Francescoli ft. Nassee "Alive"
23  Uubell Katarína Máliková "Pustvopol"
24  Tikata Josh Groban "Hidden Away"
25  Saónas Fe Pier Vitas "Opera #2"
26  Waticania Tusks "Toronto"

Semi-final 2

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
1  Riya-Sampetrina Philia "Estella"
2  Pinnipedia Balbina "Kein Ende."
3  Grolskira Ea Kaya "Tied Up"
4  Aevis Pink Floyd "High Hopes"
5  Bartlett TWICE "Feel Special"
6  Rata Sum K.A.R.D. "Dumb Litty"
7  Lacrea Iris Lune "Paper Mache"
8  Zephyrus Ana Duarte "Agora mata-me de amor"
9  Mărium Nightwish "Sleeping Sun"
10  Territrius Woodkid "Conquest of Spaces"
11  Thorway ADHD "Pizza"
12  Bitland Sturle Dagsland "Yōkai"
13  Caprika Alec Benjamin "Let Me Down Slowly"
14  Men̈́sa Shinsei Kamattechan "Black Egg"
15  Spitzenbergen Stas Piekha "Dumat' o nei"
16  Chruno Fanny Bloom "Piscine"
17  Kosma Mariska "Minä liityin sinuun"
18  Bubblique Selena Gomez "Lose You to Love Me"
19  Luzze Monterrosa "Fauna"
20  Alma Livre Slayyyter "Candy"
21  Kaministiquia Tiësto ft. Mabel "God Is a Dancer"
22  Trešlend VIA Marokand "Million"
23  Amsteris Malka "Pussy"
24  Dulcet Ebullience Esmée Denters "Outta Here"
25  Kimmystan Diabulus In Musica "Invisible"
26  Saint Eva & Lepland Tenille Arts "Somebody Like That"


Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
20  Ħanei Čaravāz Gretchen "Melô do Piripipi"

Returning Artists

Artist Country Previous edition Previous country represented
Alec Benjamin  Caprika ISC 80  Alteus
Dua Lipa  Asankon ISC 46, ISC 49, ISC 62, ISC 72 (with Calvin Harris), ISC 78 (with BLACKPINK)  Bubblique,  Pen Island,  Fierce,  Gandhara,  Rata Sum
Fanny Bloom  Chruno ISC 17  Kosma
Imany  Percheron ISC 54  Pen Island
Iris Lune  Lacrea ISC 54  Lacrea
K.A.R.D.  Rata Sum ISC 59, ISC 60  Rata Sum
Mabel (with Tiësto)  Kaministiquia ISC 71, ISC 75 (with Jax Jones, Rich the Kid, MNEK & Camille Purcell), ISC 81, ISC 85  Alma Livre,  Ova Anova,  Asankon,  Chruno
Marco Mengoni  Pen Island ISC 14, ISC 22, ISC 36, ISC 67 (with Giorgia)  Alexandria,  Tikata
Mariska  Kosma ISC 41  Luzze
Natalia Nykiel  Irdminia ISC 68  Ova Anova
Nightwish  Mărium ISC 2, ISC 8, ISC 11, ISC 23, ISC 35, ISC 44, ISC 73  Sibinia,  Sunetti,  Lost Islands,  Edoriada,  Territrius
Selena Gomez  Bubblique ISC 32, ISC 33 (with Zedd), ISC 58 (with Kygo), ISC 67 (with Marshmello), ISC 79 (with DJ Snake, Ozuna & Cardi B)  Tashkveny,  Haven,  Kaministiquia,  Kimmystan,  Trešlend
Tarja Turunen (as part of Nightwish)  Mărium ISC 11 (as part of Nightwish), ISC 56 (with Jason Hook)  Lost Islands,  Arcorar
The Corrs  Fierce ISC 37  Dulcet Ebullience
Tiësto (with Mabel)  Kaministiquia ISC 86 (with Jonas Blue and Rita Ora)  Noxus
Tiziano Ferro (with Ana Guerra)  Ova Anova ISC 25, ISC 36, ISC 47, ISC 54, ISC 57  Spitzenbergen
Tuomas Holopainen (as part of Nightwish)  Mărium ISC 2, ISC 8, ISC 11 (all 3 - as part of Nightwish), ISC 22 (with Johanna Kurkela), ISC 23, ISC 35, ISC 44 (all 3 - as part of Nightwish), ISC 68 (as part of AURI), ISC 73 (as part of Nightwish)  Sibinia,  Sunetti,  Lost Islands,  Yazminia,  Edoriada,  Territrius
Vianney (with Boulevard Des Airs)  Aonach ISC 48, ISC 67 (with Joyce Jonathan)  Tikata,  Percheron
Woodkid  Territrius ISC 13, ISC 19  Yutuland,  Grolskira