Internatia Theme Contest

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Internatia Theme Contest
Genre Song contest
Language(s) English
Running time 2 hours
Production company(s) IBU
Distributor Internatia
Picture format 576p (SDTV)
(until 2004)
1080i (HDTV)
Original run September 2016 – present
Related shows Internatia Song Contest
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The Internatia Theme Contest is an international song competition which will be organised by the Internatia Broadcasting Union (IBU) monthly since September 2017 and is open exclusively to broadcasters that are members of the IBU.

The competition has many similarities to the Internatia Song Contest from which its name is taken. Each participating broadcaster sends a song, of which must follow the following rules:

  • All entries must be on Youtube
  • The entries have to suit the theme chosen by the host country.
  • Entries can not have been entered to a Internatia Song Contest previously, or being a cover of such song,

Each entry represents the country served by the participating broadcaster. Viewers from the participating countries are invited to vote for their favourite performances by televote and a jury from every country. The overall winner of the contest is the entry that has received the most points after the scores from every country have been collected and totalled.


Eligible participants include Active Members and Associate Members of the IBU. Active members are those who are located in states that fall within the Internatia Broadcasting Area, or are member states of the Council of Internatia.

Active members include broadcasting organisations whose transmissions are made available to at least 98% of households in their own country which are equipped to receive such transmissions. If an IBU Active Member wishes to participate, they must fulfil conditions as laid down by the rules of the Contest.

Edition Country making its debut entry
1st  Alteus,  Asankon,  Baabutia,  Bartlett,  Bitland,  Gandhara,  Gaulia,  Grolskira,

 Huania,  Kaministiquia,  Kimmystan,  Kosma,  Limnoupolitana,  Mărium,  Oalia,  Pinnipedia,  Pönö,  Raingate,  Tashkveny,  Thorway

2nd  Republica Libera,  Zephyrus
3rd  Alma Livre,  Auspikitan,  Chruno,  Dulcet Ebullience,  Hanzyuki,  Luzze,  Noxus ,  Ponásikwa,  Riya-Sampetrina,  Unovah
4th  Aevis,  Enot'ebia,  Men̈́sa,  Misa
6th  EdvinOla,  Kaledonii,  Lacrea,  Pen Island,  Percheron
7th  Amsteris,  Celestiana,  Chruno-Deux,  Daǔlska,  Eriod,  Kannel,  Ladoga,  Lahna,  Nicolas' Neighbour,  Saint Eva & Lepland,  Waticania
8th  Timivar,  Vydrja
9th  Levië
10th  Atsoumpalia


Edition Country Performer Song Points Margin Runner-up Date Host city Participants
1st  Kaministiquia Avril Lavigne "Girlfriend" 100 14  Gandhara 8 October 2017 Kimmystan Nordfjord 20
2nd  Bitland Michiko Naruke "Into The Wilderness" 118 21  Kaministiquia 18 November 2017 Kaministiquia Ojibwe Creek 19
3rd  Mărium Ailee "Don't Touch Me" 198 13  Kimmystan 26 March 2018 Bitland New Pixopolis 27
4th  Men̈́sa Trio Oriental Brega "Two Wives and One Husband" 97 18  Mărium 22 May 2018 Mărium middle of nowhere 16
5th  Bitland Koichi Sugiyama "The Heavens" 60 5  Pönö 14 July 2018 Men̈́sa Sen̈́is 9
6th  Chruno Derek Warfield "Oró, Sé do Bheatha 'Bhaile" 85 3  Dulcet Ebullience 23 September 2018 Bitland Haud 20
7th  Alteus Myrath "Believer" 98 2  Chruno 17 December 2019 Chruno Geniqa 30
8th  Kimmystan Liezel Peters "Asemloos" 81 5  Kaministiquia 8 April 2019 Alteus Wyverncliff 15
9th  Saint Eva & Lepland Beatrice Egli "Terra Australia" 78 9  Pönö 21 May 2019 Kimmystan Nordfjord 10
10th  Kimmystan DJ Sammy & Do "Heaven" 82 4  Kosma july 2019 Saint Eva & Lepland Woodchester 12
11th  Percheron Cécile Corbel "Neige" 103 19  Bartlett 8 august 2019 Kimmystan Fettevika 14
12th  None ""  None september 2019 Percheron Galop

By country[edit]

Wins Country Editions
2  Bitland 2nd, 5th
 Kimmystan 8th, 10th
1  Kaministiquia 1st
 Mărium 3rd
 Men̈́sa 4th
 Chruno 6th
 Alteus 7th
 Saint Eva & Lepland 8th
 Percheron 11th

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