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| December 2019
| December 2019
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Junior Internatia Song Contest
GenreSong contest
Running time2 hours
Production company(s)IBU
Picture format1080i (HDTV)
Original runJanuary 2014 – present
Related showsInternatia Song Contest
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The Junior Internatia Song Contest is an international song competition which will be organised by the Internatia Broadcasting Union (IBU) monthly since 2014 and is open exclusively to broadcasters that are members of the IBU.

The competition has many similarities to the Internatia Song Contest from which its name is taken. Each participating broadcaster sends an act, the members of which are aged 6 to 16 to compete against the other entries. Each entry represents the country served by the participating broadcaster. Viewers from the participating countries are invited to vote for their favorite performances by televote and a jury from every country. The overall winner of the contest is the entry that has received the most points after the scores from every country have been collected and totalled.


Participation since 1st edition:
  Entered at least once
  Never entered, although eligible to do so
  Entry intended, but later withdrew

Eligible participants include Active Members and Associate Members of the IBU. Active members are those who are located in states that fall within the Internatia Broadcasting Area, or are member states of the Council of Internatia.

Active members include broadcasting organisations whose transmissions are made available to at least 98% of households in their own country which are equipped to receive such transmissions. If an IBU Active Member wishes to participate, they must fulfil conditions as laid down by the rules of the Contest.

As of ISC 11, 60 countries have participated at least once. These are listed here alongside the edition in which they made their debut:

Edition Country making its debut entry
1st  Amsteris,  Aonach,  Canedonia,  Caprika,  DimkaRUS,  Hanzyuki,  Kosma,  Lost Islands,  Luzze,  Monteverde,  Nicolas' Neighbour,  Ova Anova,  Pebbleland,  Rata Sum,  San Monique,  Tikata,  Tjärsklanjska,  Tonallán,  Zephyrus
2nd  Alexandria,  DPR Jindalea,  Haven,  Porielana,  Saint Eva & Lepland,  Tashkveny
3rd  Atsoumpalia,  Bubblique,  Huania,  Kaledonii,  Valdron
4th  Kaeros Islands,  Soupistan,  Stylé,  Yazminia
6th  Alteus,  Anselmsuusonia,  Carpathia,  RC Laranjeiras,  St Olaf,  Territrius
7th  Auspikitan,  Green Apple,  Lettuce,  Men̈́sa,  Sanlyona
8th  Gebze,  Kaministiquia
10th  H Kim Jong Il's AD Hangug,  Noxus
11th  Polland,  Ruthsina
12th  Gandhara
15th  Chruno,  Dulcet Ebullience,  EdvinOla,  V
16th  Grolskira,  Land of Jhe Freeh,  Kimmystan,  Pönö,  Victoria
17th  Eriod,  Raingate
18th  Bitland,  Frostfall
21st  Thorway  Trolofloppia
29th  Pinnipedia
30th  Spinachia,  Waticania
31st  Asankon,  Chimeria,  Unovah
32nd  Mărium,  Riya-Sampetrina
36th  Lahna
38th  Levië,  Percheron


Ed. Country Performer Song Pts. Margin Runner-up Date Host city Part.
1st  Monteverde Ewa Farna "Cicho" 103 11  DimkaRUS 29 January 2014 San Monique Lördsberg 19
2nd  Tonallán Belinda "Angel" 121 37  Monteverde 24 February 2014 Tonallán Acapulco 20
3rd  Pebbleland Alizée "Moi... Lolita" 93 4  Tonallán 30 March 2014 DimkaRUS Dreams City 17
4th  Stylé Vigi Li "Dandelion" 93 4  Atsoumpalia 8 May 2014 Kosma Pallas 21
5th  Luzze Démira "Indigo" 103 4  Bubblique 22 June 2014 Pebbleland Pebble City 14
6th  Alteus Lennon and Maisy "Love" 105 7  Hanzyuki 29 July 2014 Stylé Chanel 22
7th  Yazminia Elbosco "Nirvana" 97 2  Lost Islands 30 August 2014 Luzze Lillatown 28
8th  Kaeros Islands Kate Kovington "Come Little Children" 83 9  Alteus 28 September 2014 Alteus Wyverncliff 21
9th  Zephyrus Karolien "Lightspeed" 85 2  Yazminia 3 November 2014 Yazminia Liechgrado 18
10th  Tjärsklanjska Kagamine Rin & Len "Childish War" 111 11  DPR Jindalea 3 December 2014 Kaeros Islands Wyvernvale 23
11th  Bubblique Libera "Carol Of The Bells" 109 24  Pebbleland 29 December 2014 Zephyrus Litias 18
12th  Territrius Emma Bale "All I Want" 111 16  Saint Eva & Lepland 2 February 2015 Tjärsklanjska Divježinjborg 20
13th  Bubblique Rachael Lampa "My Father's Heart" 96 5  Pebbleland 2 March 2015 Bubblique Bublina 23
14th  Bubblique Sabrina Carpenter "We'll Be the Stars" 89 6  Alexandria 3 April 2015 Territrius Aquaticia 15
15th  Kosma Lilit Hovhannisyan & Nanul "Im Tiknikn Es" 124 18  Luzze 3 May 2015 Bubblique Burbuja 25
16th  Men̈́sa Joe Hisaishi &
Suginami Children's Choir
"The Destruction of Laputa" 104 12  Huania 9 July 2015 Kosma Persée 21
17th  Kimmystan Jenni Jaakkola "Tämä On Unta" 80 3 Luzze Luzze 21 August 2015 Men̈́sa Malum 16
18th  Kosma BoA "Every Heart (Minna no Kimochi)" 120 20 Kimmystan Kimmystan 29 September 2015 Kimmystan Nordfjord 14
19th  Alteus Billie Marten "Bird" 81 2  Bitland 14 December 2015 Kosma Hydre 14
20th  Kimmystan Les Kids United "On Ecrit Sur Les Murs" 85 20  Hanzyuki 14 January 2016 Alteus Wyverncliff 11
21st  Raingate Benjamin Lasnier "Love You Out Loud" 79 2  Victoria 12 February 2016 Kimmystan Fjordvika 15
22nd  Raingate E-Girls "Mr. Snowman" 75 9  Kimmystan 2 April 2016 Raingate Soltitude 11
23rd  Raingate Carlos Weinberg "Saber" 65 2  Pono 25 May 2016 Raingate Winterhold 11
24th  Victoria Sofia Tarasova "Fly High" 61 10  Raingate 13 June 2016 Raingate Reënfontein 7
25th  Victoria Yana Hovhannisyan "Ton e Aysor" 67 2  Gandhara 25 July 2016 Victoria Mirabella 9
26th  Gandhara Betty "New Generation" 90 3  Victoria 12 September 2016 Victoria Mirabella 10
27th  Tikata Kids United "Qui a le droit" 79 14  Gandhara 19 October 2016 Gandhara Kazmi 10
28th  Thorway Lærke "Bad Boy" 52 5  Raingate 4 December 2016 Tikata Mendiko 6
29th  Grolskira Rosie Delmah "Tangi ia Koe" 71 3  Amsteris 12 January 2017 Thorway Halmishamn 10
30th  Amsteris Аleksandra Аbrameytseva "Rum Di Dum" 93 28  Raingate 17 February 2017 Grolskira Chai 13
31st  Pönö OMAR "Beautiful Lie" 74 0  Chimeria 18 September 2017 Amsteris Param 13
32nd  Bubblique Lenni-Kim "Yolo" 85 16  Pönö 23 October 2017 Pönö Pellinki 11
33rd  Ladoga 4G "Prosti menya, mama" 92 12  Alma Livre 18 December 2017 Bubblique Bulle 15
34th  Grolskira Malu Trevejo "Luna Llena" 84 3  Ladoga 17 February 2018 Ladoga Vorobiesheck 14
35th  Bubblique Lou & Lenni-Kim "Miraculous" 98 30  Mărium 22 June 2018 Grolskira Svitastia 13
36th  Territrius Orange Vocal Ensemble "Mutter (Mama)" 72 3  Hanzyuki 28 October 2018 Bubblique Bublina 13
37th  Riya-Sampetrina Aliye Bekirova "Dohtur" 72 7  Ladoga 7 May 2019 Territrius Aquaticia 12
38th  Gandhara Roksana Węgiel "Obiecuję" 78 0  Bitland 27 June 2019 Lettuce Konami 15
39th  Marium Diana Anttila "Vihree mies" 38 2  Gandhara 5 August 2019 Riya-Sampetrina Verjamina 8
40th  Ova Anova Roksana Węgiel "Dobrze Jest, Jak Jest" 89 8  Bartlett 22 September 2019 Gandhara Rhea 16
41st  Folkloria Daneliya Tuleshova "Mama" 43 11  Gandhara 14 October 2019 Mărium Erlea 11
42nd November 2019 Bartlett Nova Goranica 10
43rd December 2019 Folkloria Saborak

By country

Map showing each country's number of wins in JISC up to and including 38th edition.
Wins Country Editions
5  Bubblique 11th, 13th, 14th, 32nd, 35th
3  Raingate 21st, 22nd, 23rd
2  Kimmystan 17th, 20th
 Kosma 15th, 18th
 Alteus 6th, 19th
 Victoria 24th, 25th
 Grolskira 29th, 34th
 Territrius 12th, 36th
 Gandhara 26th, 38th
1  Monteverde 1st
 Tonallán 2nd
 Pebbleland 3rd
 Stylé 4th
 Luzze 5th
 Yazminia 7th
 Kaeros Islands 8th
 Zephyrus 9th
 Tjärsklanjska 10th
 Men̈́sa 16th
 Tikata 27th
 Thorway 28th
 Amsteris 30th
 Pönö 31st
 Ladoga 33rd
 Riya-Sampetrina 37th
 Marium 39th
 Ova Anova 40th
 Folkloria 41st