Junior Internatia Song Contest 22

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Junior Internatia Song Contest 22
Final2 April 2016
Host broadcasterRTV
Number of entries11
Withdrawing DimkaRUS
Voting systemEach country's 10 favourite songs are awarded 12, 10, then 8 through to 1 points based on the votes of the population of each country.
Winning songRaingate Raingate
E-Girls - "Mr. Snowman"

The Junior Internatia Song Contest 22 is the 22nd edition of Junior Internatia Song Contest. The contest took place in Solitude, Raingate and was hosted by the national broadcaster RTV. Raingate won the contest with the song "Mr. Snowman" by E-Girls placing 1st with 75 points.


Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
1  Folkloria Declan Galbraith "Tell Me Why" 11 57
2  Pönö MC Hugo "Metro On Mun Limusiini" 10 29
3  Victoria Nova Miller "Singing In The Rain" 3 63
4  Frostfall Max & Mango "Tout Va Bien" 6 54
5  Gandhara Aydin Nurdinov "Kyrgyz Biyi" 5 54
6  Land of Jhe Freeh Denise Zingt "Ik Ben Otje" 9 37
7  Raingate E-Girls "Mr. Snowman" 1 75
8  Hanzyuki Maria á Lakjuni "Heima, Tað Er Her" 7 50
9  Bitland Nitro Fun "New Game" 8 40
10  Kimmystan Matthea Mari "One Of Them" 2 66
11  Thorway Al-Fadl "Ombra Mai Fu" 4 55



12 Points[edit]

Below is a summary of the maximum 12 points each country awarded to another in the Final:

N. Contestant Nation(s) giving 12 points
3  Victoria  Frostfall  Kimmystan  Raingate
2  Kimmystan  Thorway  Victoria
 Raingate  Gandhara  Hanzyuki
1  Folkloria  Jhe Freeh
 Frostfall  Pono
 Gandhara  Bitland

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