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Junior Internatia Song Contest 48
Scream of Passion
Final18 May 2020
VenueLevië Wijdse Zee, Levië
Host broadcasterLevie Television (LVTV)
Number of entries9
Winning song Daǔlska

The Junior Internatia Song Contest 48 was the 48th edition of Junior Internatia Song Contest, a spin-off of Internatia Song Contest. The contest was organized in Levië by Levie Television (LVTV) after Kimmystan declined the right to host the contest and offered to Levië, who finished second in 46th edition.


Draw Country Artist Song Place Pts
01  Lettuce Melody "De Pata Negra" 5 18
02  Levië (host) Jessica Baio "My Angel" 7 16
03  Polland Zendaya "Something to Dance For" 2 22
04  Marium Anja Niskanen "Ollaan hiljaa vain" 9 12
05  Kimmystan Tate McRae "you broke me first" 4 20
06  Folkloria Daneliya Tuleshova "Glossy" 6 17
07  Riya-Sampetrina John Williams ft. Hogwarts Choir "Double Trouble" 8 13
08  Daulska Zuza Jabłońska "Wisła" 1 24
09  Pönö Adrian Macéus "Bara vänner" 3 20