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|{{flagicon|Polland}}{{flagicon|Kimmystan}} [[Outernatia Song Contest 64|64rd]]
|{{flagicon|Polland}}{{flagicon|Kimmystan}} [[Outernatia Song Contest 64|64th]]
|{{flagicon|Sweden}} Sebastian Ingrosso, John Martin ft. {{flagicon|Australia}} Tommy Trash  
|{{flagicon|Sweden}} Sebastian Ingrosso, John Martin ft. {{flagicon|Australia}} Tommy Trash  

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Member stationKATV2
Participation summary
First appearanceOSC 56
Best result2nd: OSC 56

Kharó made their debut in the 56th edition of the Outernatia Song Contest.


Edition Artist Title Language Place Points Semi Points
Mărium 56th Netherlands Delain "Masters of Destiny" English 2 124 1 107
Pönö 57th United Kingdom Coldplay ft. Barbados Rihanna "Princess of China" English 18 62 7 62
KharóMărium 58th Sweden Elina "Wild Enough" English 5 96 Host country
Levië 59th Finland Softengine "All About You & I" English 8 94 3 83
Lahna 60th United States Kelly Rowland ft. The WAV.s "Down For Whatever" English 14 76 9 59
Oalia 61st Hungary MEDIX "Metro" Hungarian 6 107 12 48
Mărium 62nd Spain Belinda "En La Obscuridad" Spanish 15 64 1 96
Mărium 63rd Australia 5 Seconds of Summer "She Looks So Perfect" English 5 106 6 63
PollandKimmystan 64th Sweden Sebastian Ingrosso, John Martin ft. Australia Tommy Trash "Reload" English

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