Koalatopolous in the Outernatia Song Contest

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Member station Poblacht Cheilteach de líonra Koalatopolous (PCLK)
National selection events Internal Selection
Participation summary
Appearances 6
First appearance OSC 53
Best result 3rd: OSC 57
Worst result 15th SF: OSC 45

The Celtic Republic of Koalatopolous made their debut in the 53rd edition of Outernatia Song Contest held in Arody, Auspikitan.


Table key
  Second place
  Third place
  Last place
  Jury qualifier
Edition Artist Title Place Points Semi Points
Auspikitan 53rd The Heathers "November" Failed to Qualify 13 48
Enot'ebia 54th Kasey Musgraves "Merry Go 'Round" Failed to Qualify 15 45
KosmaDaǔlska 55th Monika Marija Paulauskaitė "Light On" 10 95 4 77
Mărium 56th Madeline Juno "Waldbrand" 23 55 9 49
Pönö 57th Follow the Flow "Maradok távol" 3 116 6 62
KharóMărium 58th Kane Brown ft. Lauren Alaina "What Ifs"

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