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|[[Outernatia Song Contest 65|65th]]
|[[Outernatia Song Contest 65|65th]]

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Member stationLettuce Broadcasting Service (LBS)
National selection events
Participation summary
First appearanceOSC 1
Best result2nd: OSC 6, OSC 7, OSC 10, OSC 22
1st: OSC 40 SF
Worst result20th: OSC 52
Last: OSC 54 SF
External links
LBS page

Lettuce has participated in the Outernatia Song Contest 47 times since making its debut at the first contest, missing 13 contests. Lettuce hosted the contest once in Hugo Chávez City after Noxus declined due to expense. The country's best result is four second-place finishes, with Rasmus Seebach in OSC 6, Namie Amuro in OSC 7, Kendi in OSC 10 and Gawxartas in OSC 22.

Lettuce has achieved a total of twleve top ten placements. Since the introduction of the semi-final round in thirteenth edition, Lettuce has failed to qualify for the final seventeen times, including three editions consecutively (53rd–55th).

Until 27th edition, Lettuce was one of the countries that participated in every edition of the contest, along Auspikitan and Gandhara.


Table key

  Winner   Second place   Third place   Last place   Disqualified   Jury qualifier   Did not compete

Edition Artist Language Tittle Place Points Semi Points
1st MIN Vietnamese "GET OUT!" 8 62 No semi-finals
2nd Ami Suzuki Japanese, English "can't stop the DISCO" 9 63
3rd Juan Luis Guerra Spanish "La Travesía" 12 34
4th Perfume Japanese "Spring of Life" 4 64
5th Kasia Wilk Polish "Do kiedy jestem" 7 70
6th Rasmus Seebach Danish "Natteravn" 2 100
7th Namie Amuro Japanese "Contrail" 2 75
8th MIN Vietnamese "Stuck" (Nhớ) 4 69
9th Galymzhan Zholdasbaj Kazakh "Kök Zhötel" (Көк жөтел) 17 33
10th Kendi Turkish "Aşka inanmaz" 2 81
11th Azam Ali English "In Other Worlds" 14 53
12th Sarvinoz Quryazova Uzbek "Og'a" 21 41 Host country
13th Manzura Uzbek "Borsan" 10 82 6 62
14th The Maneken English "Keep Moving On" 21 44 No semi-finals
15th SAWA Japanese "Swimming Dancing" Failed to qualify 13 34
16th Charisma.com Japanese "Iinazuke Blue" (イイナヅケブルー) 12 70 7 49
17th Tamila Uzbek "Zolim" 18 76 12 44
18th 2PM Korean "GO CRAZY!" (미친거 아니야?) 17 45 No semi-finals
19th Gülnur Asanova Kyrgyz "Ak möördün armany" (Ак Мөөрдүн арманы) 17 64 9 53
20th Mrs.Slave Thai "Adventure" (ผจญภัย) Failed to qualify 14 28
21st Kanako Ito Japanese "F.D.D." 12 46
22nd Gawxartas Kazakh "Kazagim-ay" (Қазағым-ай) 2 112 2 81
23rd Charisma.com Japanese "Subliminal Diet" (サプリミナル・ダイエット) Failed to qualify 12 53
24th Nigar Jamal ft. Berksan Turkish "Herhalde" 19 57 6 59
25th Kamshat Joldibaeva Kazakh "Birge" (Бірге) 9 70 7 53
26th Nine Muses Korean "Dolls" (돌스) Failed to qualify 13 33
27th ELISA Japanese "REALISM" 4 124 2 92
Did not participate between 28th and 29th edition.
30th Momoiro Clover Z Japanese "Wee-Tee-Wee-Tee" Failed to qualify 14 27
Did not participate between 31th and 37th edition.
38th K Japanese "Only Human" Failed to qualify 14 44
39th Yasukata Nakata ft. Charli XCX & Kyary Pamyu Pamyu English "Crazy Crazy" 14 44
40th Olya Polyakova Ukranian "Nomer Odin" (Номер Один) 16 72 1 87
41st Shiori Tomita ft. LADYBEARD Japanese "Valentine Kiss" (バレンタインキス) 19 72 14 36
42nd Did not participate
43rd Vitas Russian "The 7th Element" (Седьмой элемент) Disqualified 19 79
44th Did not participate
45th Lilit Hovhannisyan ft. Kamil Armenian "Chkites Honqerd" (Ջգիդես Հոնqերտ) Failed to qualify 18 30
46th Musicola Kazakh "Sen munındı ber mağan" (Сен мұнынды бер маған) 13 34
Did not participate between 47th and 48th edition.
49th SUPER JUNIOR ft. Leslie Grace Korean, Spanish "Lo Siento" Failed to qualify 14 46
50th TWICE Korean, English "Dance The Night Away" 19 63 10 63
51st LOONA/OOD EYE CIRCLE Korean "Girl Front" Failed to qualify 16 30
52nd Haifa Wehbe Arabic "Ezzay Ansak" (ازاي انساك) 20 49 8 56
53rd IZ*ONE Korean "La Vie en Rose" (라비앙로즈) Failed to qualify 14 47
54th Heize Korean "Don't Know You" (널 너무 모르고) 17 25
55th IU Korean "Through The Night" (밤편지) 14 28
56th Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Japanese "Oto no Kuni" (音ノ国) 17 76 6 67
57th Manzura Uzbek "Lazgi" Failed to qualify 12 49
58th HKT48 Japanese "Tomaranai Kanransha" (止まらない観覧車) 15 71 9 56
59th IZ*ONE Korean "Violeta" (비올레타) 5 118 4 65
60th Rosalía Spanish "Aute Cuture" 17 69 8 57
61st ANGERME Japanese "I Can't Cry... The Fraud of Empathy" (泣けないぜ・・・共感詐欺) 17 61 9 46
62nd EXO-CBX Korean "Blooming Day" (花요일) Failed to qualify 15 42
63rd Hinatazaka46 Japanese "Doremisolatido" (ドレミソラシド) 11 29
64th Kenshi Yonezu Japanese "Shunrai" (春雷)
65th BoA Korean "ONE SHOT, TWO SHOT"

Voting history

As of the 13th edition, Lettuce's voting history in Finals only is as follows: