Limnoupolitana in the Internatia Song Contest

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Member station LIRT
Participation summary
Appearances 16
First appearance ISC 54
Best result 20th: ISC 74
Worst result 27th SF: ISC 56

Limnoupolitana debuted in Internatia Song Contest 54 which was held in Ora, Sunetti.


Edition Artist Song Final Points Semi Points
54th Chryssanthemis "Ola ksena" Failed to qualify 24 36
56th Natalia "On Fire" Failed to qualify 27 10
57th Yanislava "Sada sam kraljica" Failed to qualify 17 48
Did not participate between 58th and 70th editions
71st Koalas "Lover" Failed to qualify 23 31
72nd Ylva & Linda "Stilla ro" Failed to qualify 20 32
73rd Rodion Gordin ft. Adriana Miglane "Without You" Failed to qualify 24 34
74th Manafest "Firestarter" 20 92 8 72
75th Ksenia Valenti "In the Night" 24 88 8 67
76th Xandra "Dorul meu de tine" Failed to Qualify 14 52
77th Sarah P. "Millennial Girl" Failed to Qualify 23 11
78th FAIDLESS "Walk Away" Failed to Qualify 27 61
79th Erin Burke "Long Gone" Failed to Qualify 19 47
80th Jessica Hernandez "Baby" Failed to Qualify 19 42
81st Laura Marano "Let Me Cry" Failed to Qualify 23 37
82nd Raiven "Kralj Babilona" 23 83 7 77
83rd Xenia Ghali "Lay in Your Arms" Failed to Qualify 23 38
84th Chantal "Ricochet" Failed to Qualify 21 42
85th Creatura "Limitless" Failed to Qualify 19 43