Mărium in the Internatia Song Contest

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Member station Felidon Doram Enerisē (ERIS), the divine mirror network
National selection events
Participation summary
First appearance ISC 79
Best result 6th: ISC 79
Worst result SF 21st: ISC 80

Mărium made their debut in the 79th edition of the Internatia Song Contest.


Edition Artist Title Year Language Place Points Semi Points
1 Dulcet Ebullience 79th Japan 凜 Rin' 飛鳥 Asuka 2005 Japanese 6 144 9 68
2 Tashkveny 80th South Korea 빅뱅 BIGBANG 판타스틱 베이비 Fantastic Baby 2012 Korean Failed to Qualify 21 39
3 Kosma 81st Finland Laura Närhi Hetken tie on kevyt 2012 Finnish 7 134 7 74
4 Bubblique 82nd Italy The Sidh N.i_T-R_(O) 2014 Instrumental 11 129 21 38
5 Lacrea 83rd Iceland Sigur Rós Starálfur 1999 Icelandic 14 118 4 70
6 Alteus 84th Denmark Faustix & Shannon Rani Crying in the Sun 2018 English 12 124 4 92
7 Pen Island 85th Thailand หวาย WAii ถามผิดมั้ง What Da Heck 2014 Thai Failed to Qualify 19 41
8 Bitland 86th Sweden Nina & Kim Bortom tid och rum 2004 Swedish 14 114 9 66
9 None 87th Japan フェイバリット ブルー Favorite Blue 愛よりも激しく、 誰よりも愛しく Ai Yorimo Hageshiku, Dare Yorimo Itoshiku 1996 Japanese
10 None 88th South Korea
11 None 89th Finland
12 None 90th Italy

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Participation history[edit]

Voting statistics[edit]

The scores are calculated as totals of the average of each contest (semi and final).


Logo of Felidon Doram Enerisē (ERIS), the divine mirror network.

The world Mărium is originally located in is on a technological level comparable to Earth's 18th century, which would make having a "national broadcaster" quite anachronistic. However, I think the eneris mirrors that are used for viewing the gods' everyday undertakings could also function for broadcasting intergalactic entertainment. I've decided to call this makeshift broadcaster ERIS, after the Mărium word for 'picture'.




The Mărimean preselection format is called Xerā, Stages of Mărium. The word xera (pl. xerā) was originally used to refer to the stages of tides, a particularly important natural phenomenon in the maritime nation of Mărium. Each edition has a theme around which the entries are selected. Most rounds invite other Internatian and Outernatian countries to voice their opinions.

Alter Matca[edit]

Some stages of Xerā bring back previous entries in a special stage called Alter Matca, second chance. There entries that had performed well in earlier stages but didn't win get another chance to represent the country.


Logo of the Stages of Mărium contest.

Stage 4: The Sidh[edit]

Place Artist Title Round 3 Round 2 Round 1
1 Italy The Sidh N.i_T-R_(O) 7 5 5
2 Khan (feat. Poland Marcin Rumiński) 5 4 4
3 Iridium Failed to Qualify 3 3
4 Shake That Bagpipe Failed to Qualify 0

Stage 8: Schlager[edit]

Place Artist Title Score
1 Sweden Nina & Kim Bortom tid och rum 61
2 Germany Sotiria & Unheilig Hallo Leben 45
3 Sweden Linda Bengtzing Diamanter 45
4 Sweden CC & Lee Honey 43
5 Germany Thomas Anders Sternenregen 39
6 Germany Norman Langen Pures Gold 22

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