Nicolas' Neighbour in the Junior Internatia Song Contest

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Nicolas' Neighbour
Member stationBNN
National selection eventsInternal Selection
Participation summary
First appearancejISC 1
Last appearancejISC 9
Best result6th: jISC 1, jISC 4
Worst result23rd: jISC 7

Nicolas' Neighbour has participated in every Junior Internatia Song Contest until now. Met with some succes, doing relatively well untill now, both broadcaster and public have been enthousiastic so far about the contest. It is also seen as a good and fun experience for Neighbourian kids. BNN stresses on their website that the pleasure and health of the children always goes first and that it wants the selected children to have the time of their life. After two editions with bad results, BNN withdrew for one edition, stating that Jisc was not a top priority anymore for the broadcaster. They returned however to Jisc 9, only to end in the bottom again. Subsequently BNN withdrew permanently from jisc, citing ending below Mensa, who sent just noise rather then a song, as the final straw. "This contest has become a joke, and we are no longer putting any effort in this contest, according to a BNN spokesperson. As BNN is the only IBU member of NN, chances of NN ever participating again are small.


Table key

     Second place
     Third place
     Last place
Edition Artist Title Place Points
1st Bandits "Stop!" 6 73
2nd X!nk "Laat Me Vrij" 16 37
3rd Malin Reitan "Tenåringsdrøm" 7 66
4th Isak Danielson "Long Live This Life" 6 74
5th Zara Larsson "When Hearts Collide" 11 50
6th Bandits "Tweelingzus" 21 13
7th Chestnut Avenue "Tro på dig selv" 23 27
Did Not Compete
9th Brett Bogart "Rooftop" 16 39

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