Outernatia Song Contest 49

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Outernatia Song Contest 49
Host city Kimmystan Fettevika, Kimmystan
Presenter(s) Kim Holland
Venue Fettevika Stadium
Host broadcaster KTV
Number of entries 36
Debuting   Dinokratys & Shrikidai
 H Kim Jong Il's AD Hangug
Returning   Akráku
Withdrawing   Alcadia
 Shoux Flad
Voting system 10 favourites are awarded 12, 10, then 8 through 1 points by all participants.
Winning song  Alteus
Outernatia Song Contest
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The Outernatia Song Contest 49 was the 49th edition of the Outernatia Song Contest. The contest took place in Fettevika, Kimmystan, following TAL's win in the 47th edition with the song "Mondial". This was the tenth time the contest took place in the Kimmystan, and the first time it was in Kimmystan twice in a row.

All delegations from the 48th edition was offered a free transport from Nordfjord to Fettevika.

Hosting Information[edit]


Location of the host city in Kimmystan.
Location of the host city in Kimmystan.

On 7 June 2017, the KTV announced that it had chosen Fettevika as the host city for the contest. The city has previously hosted both the 19th and 32nd edition, so this was the third time that Fettevika was granted the hosting rights.

The event will again take place at the Fettevika Stadium just like in OSC 32.

Fettevika Stadium will be the venue of the 32nd edition


Fettevika is the capital of the Kjerringdalen region, located in the southern eastern part of Kimmystan and is the only region of Kimmystan with a majority of female inhabitants. Most of the female population in the area work in the sex industry. The neighbor region of Dynion is the complete opposite of Kjerringdalen consisting mainly of male inhabitants. Because of this contrast between the two regions there are many reality shows where the women of Kjerringdalen compete against the men from Dynion. Examples of such tv programs are Farmen, Big Brother vs. Big Sister, The Love Nest, and Paradise Motel. Paradise Motel is the only reality show where they compete together man and woman in order to win the grand prize.

This is the third time that the city is hosting the Outernatia Song Contest.


The hostess Kim Holland.

On 7 June, KTV announced that Kim Holland would be the hostess of the contest once again. She is famous for her looks and for announcing the Kimmystanian votes in the the first edition of Melodeehfesteehval, the National Selection of Jhe Freeh for the Outernatia Song Contest. She is also known for her interesting adult movies which is quite popular in Dynion, and Kim Holland has announced that she is excited to be hosting the contest once again.

Bidding phase[edit]

KTV approached the city of Cwm to host this edition, but the local politicians of Cwm said that they wanted Fettevika to host the contest this time. They also said that Cwm gladly wants to host an upcoming edition if Kimmystan wins again in the future. Therefore, Fettevika was chosen as the host city of this edition.

Participating countries[edit]

Semi-Final 1[edit]

  •  Saónas Fe Pier forgot to vote in time and was therefore disqualified.
  •  Nickymania was also disqualified as a penalty for random voting.
Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
1  Levië Carrie Underwood ft. Ludacris The Champion 11 52
2  Auspikitan R3HAB x THRDL!FE ft. Olivia Holt Wrong Move 3 69
3  Enot'ebia AronChupa feat. Little Sis Nora Rave in the Grave (Alien Cut Remix) 12 51
4  Akráku Dhurata Dora Jake Jake 15 39
5  Lettuce SUPER JUNIOR ft. Leslie Grace Lo Siento 14 46
6  Dinokratys & Shrikidai Levante Gesù Cristo Sono Io 13 46
7  Thorway Anton Ewald ft. Medina This Could Be Something 9 61
8  Spinachia Dotter Heatwave 10 57
9  Timivar Nero Innocence 16 31
10  Saónas Fe Pier CamelPhat & Elderbrook Cola 17 29
11  Folkloria Olivia Hye ft. Jinsoul Egoist 5 67
12  Mărium Jenni Vartiainen Nettiin 1 81
13  Grolskira Dermot Kennedy Young & Free 7 64
14  Nickymania Rati Durglishvili Crazy 18 27
15  Gandhara (G)I-DLE Latata 4 68
16  Raingate Jesper Jenset FOR LOVE 6 64
17  Kosma Saara Aalto DANCE!!! 8 64
18  Alteus Clean Bandit ft. Demi Lovato Solo 2 70

Semi-Final 2[edit]

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
1  Daǔlska Natalia Oreiro United by Love 6 69
2  DimkaRUS Polina Gagarina Vyshe Golovy 2 94
3  Pinnipedia Dara Rolins Zákon 10 48
4  Kaministiquia GJan Confidence 12 46
5  Riya-Sampetrina Wintergatan Marble Machine 9 52
6  Laranjeiras Salt Ashes Wilderness 11 46
7  Bartlett Colouring Time 13 41
8  Pönö Crazy Desing ft. Carlito Way El Teke Teke 16 32
9  Limnoupolitana LeRive Glow in the Dark 17 26
10  Misa Bastille Quarter Past Midnight 8 62
11  Asankon Darin Tvillingen 1 94
12  Dagon-Azuria Yasiris feat. Ilinca Hasta Mañana (MMM) 15 34
13  Unovah Regi ft. Jake Reese Ellie 14 41
14  H Kim Jong Il's AD Hangug Nikolija Loš Momak 5 77
15  Ponásikwa Cyan Kicks Gasoline 7 65
16  Polland Clödie GO! 3 81
17  Ladoga Monetochka Zaporozhets 4 78


Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
1  Alteus Clean Bandit ft. Demi Lovato Solo 1 156
2  Pinnipedia Dara Rolins Zákon 23 29
3  Thorway Anton Ewald ft. Medina This Could Be Something 22 65
4  Mărium Jenni Vartiainen Nettiin 4 121
5  DimkaRUS Polina Gagarina Vyshe Golovy 5 120
6  Raingate Jesper Jenset FOR LOVE 12 82
7  Ponásikwa Cyan Kicks Gasoline 18 73
8  Grolskira Dermot Kennedy Young & Free 21 65
9  Auspikitan R3HAB x THRDL!FE ft. Olivia Holt Wrong Move 17 73
10  Enot'ebia AronChupa ft. Little Sis Nora Rave in the Grave (Alien Cut Remix) 7 115
11  Riya-Sampetrina Wintergatan Marble Machine 19 73
12  Ladoga Monetochka Zaporozhets 10 87
13  Polland Clödie GO! 9 89
14  Kimmystan Matisse & Sadko ft. Hanne Mjøen Into You 6 120
15  H Kim Jong Il's AD Hangug Nikolija Loš Momak 16 73
16  Folkloria Olivia Hye ft. Jinsoul Egoist 15 74
17  Misa Bastille Quarter Past Midnight 20 66
18  Gandhara (G)I-DLE Latata 11 84
19  Kosma Saara Aalto DANCE!!! 8 93
20  Asankon Darin Tvillingen 2 155
21  Spinachia Dotter Heatwave 14 76
22  Kaministiquia GJan Confidence 13 78
23  Daǔlska Natalia Oreiro United by Love 3 121

Returning artists[edit]

Artist Country Previous edition Previous country represented
AronChupa (with Little Sis Nora)  Enot'ebia OSC 22 (with Little Sis Nora)  Equatoria
Bastille  Misa OSC 26, OSC 28 (with Gabrielle Aplin), OSC 38  Neau,  Alteus,  Kernow
Carrie Underwood (with Ludacris)  Levië OSC 8  RC Laranjeiras
Clean Bandit (with Demi Lovato)  Alteus OSC 36 (with Zara Larsson)  Kimmystan
Demi Lovato (with Clean Bandit)  Alteus OSC 31, OSC 35 (with Cheat Codes), OSC 36, OSC 44 (with Luis Fonsi)  Thorway,  Alteus,  Kernow,  Nickymania
Dotter  Spinachia OSC 33, OSC 42  Spinachia
GJan  Kaministiquia OSC 11, OSC 31  Timivar
Jenni Vartiainen  Mărium OSC 10  Aurävaan
Polina Gagarina  DimkaRUS OSC 16  Folkloria
R3HAB (with THRDL!FE and Olivia Holt)  Auspikitan OSC 34 (with VÉRITÉ), OSC 44 (with Mike Williams)  Auspikitan,  Timivar
Saara Aalto  Kosma OSC 28, OSC 29  Kosma,  Frostfall

Other countries[edit]

Eligibility for potential participation in the Outernatia Song Contest requires a national broadcaster with a membership in the Outernatian Broadcasting Union or the Internatia Broadcasting Union.

Debuting countries[edit]

Returning countries[edit]

Withdrawing countries[edit]

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