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pákpeka ponásikwa
The Forestland of Ponásikwa
Flag of Ponásikwa
Anthem: Freedom Through Nature
Capital Kapupaha
Largest city Apsolękh
Official languages Soleani (Ponásikwa)
Recognised regional languages
  • English
  • Toki Pona
Demonym Ponásikwani
Government Unitary E-democracy
• sakí
ąkani pntokku kedašǹi
• kylseseka
kwleŋ natik khadzep
Date format YYYYMMDD
Drives on the right
Internet TLD .pn

Ponásikwa (Soleani: pákpeka ponásikwa), officially The Forestland of Ponásikwa, is a country located on the western continent of Outernatia. To the south it is bordered by RC Laranjeiras, and to the west, Auspikitan.


The country's name is based off of the native name for the golden columbine 'poná' meaning 'gold, gold-colored', and 'sikwa' meaning 'flower' in the Ponásikwani regional dialect of Soleani.