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Město Puntíkov
Flag of Puntíkov
Coat of arms of Puntíkov
Coat of arms
Motto: "No right angles!"
Anthem: Pink
National color(s)
magenta, yellow
Location of Puntíkov in Internatia
Location of Puntíkov in Internatia
CapitalThe capital city of Puntíkov
Official languagesfun-tongue
National animalgiraffe
National flowerfuchsia
Ethnic groups100 % Puntíkovci
Governmentcity state
• Mayor
Mr. Tečka
Legislaturecity council
• Foundation Date & Recognition
March 14, 1592
• Total
3,687 km2 (1,424 sq mi)
• Water (%)
• 2012 estimate
• Density
0.098/km2 (0.3/sq mi)
GDP (nominal)2012 estimate
• Total
Θ1 million
• Per capita
HDI (2012)Increase 0.999
Error: Invalid HDI value
Currencydottar (Θ) (DOT)
Time zoneEastern Internatia Time (EIT) (UTC+2)
Drives on themiddle
Calling code+100
Internet TLD.pv

Puntíkov is an all-round country with very long tradition situated in East Internatia. On south it's bordered by Silent Sea. Puntíkov's only neigbor is Pebbleland (former Xhanostania). The particularity of country is that all buildings are round.

Puntíkov is the ideal state to live in. You maybe ask if that's so why there are only 360 inhabitants? Well that's what makes the city so good and friendly as everyone knows each other and loves each other, because with so few people there's just lots of place for love and happiness and no place for hate, envy and drama.


The name Puntíkov is rather easy to pronounce:

P as "p" in keep
U as "u" in put
N as "n" in gun
T as "t_y" in meet you
Í as "ee" in sweet
K as "ck" in rock
O as "o" in lot
V as "f" in of


The formation of Puntíkov dates back to 16th century when Mr. Tečka was not satisfied with the situation in the world as there were many people who were moaning and never smiling so he decided to create a country where every can be happy and free. It was very long process but he succeed in the end and now this charming country exists for more than 400 years.



The highest mountain is Ludolf, 1 010 meters above sea level. It towers in LuLu Mountains that are the biggest mountains in Puntíkov. It offers many opportunities to have fun such as skiing, snowboarding and sledging.

Bodies of water[edit]

The longest and biggest river is Řeka lásky (English: River of Love). It springs in LuLu Mountains and flows into Silent Sea. It is surrounded by beautiful and romantic scenery which inspired many artists to compose songs, write books and paint pictures. The three most significant lakes are which is the deepest, Er which is the largest and Na Druhou which is important because it's where people meet in both, summer and winter, to swim and ice-skate.



The traffic situation in Puntíkov is very specific. The highway is one big roundabout, therefore all cars drive one way in the middle of road. Two-wheeled modes of transport such as motorbike or bicycles drive only on orange parts of the highway.

There are exactly 5 train stations, four are named after cardinal directions - North, South, East, West and the last one is called Center. The straight connection is only in both directions between stations North-South and East-West. In all other occasions Center station must be used to transfer. The railway is the only exception in city that is consisted from right angles.


The international airport as well as all the other important buildings is located in Tečka's town square that's in center of Puntíkov. The name of the airport is Letiště Puntíkov (English: Puntíkov Airport). In year 2009 the airport went through extensive reconstruction.


The Silent Harbor (for local ones better known as Tichý Přístav) is named after the Silent Sea and lays in the south of Puntíkov. The harbor is not only helpful for people to travel but also, and that even more, is main source of money and also big source of work places as fishing industry is one of the main industries in Puntíkov.


Puntíkovec (plural: Puntíkovci) is the only race that lives in Puntíkov. They are typical for having blond hair and being tall 165 cm at the very max. Puntíkovci are ever happy and smiling all the time. They are maturing only until the age of 25, then they don't age anymore and will never die. That's also one of the reasons why in Puntíkov is no health care as there exist no diseases and no aches and why the number of inhabitants stays stable.


Puntíkov is city state so the leader is mayor. He's no other than the all-wise Mr. Tečka. But he's not really in charge of deciding anything by himself as whenever some big decisions are about to be made, all 360 people have the right to voice their opinions. So he's more of a representative and face of Puntíkov.



Not many kinds of animals can stand the never-ending happiness of Puntíkovci, that's why only yellow animals such as giraffes, lions and canaries are living in this countryside. Because thanks to their color they are able to adapt to the positive energy. The most expanded animal is giraffe which is also the national animal.


When you first visit Puntíkov, the first thing you will notice in the landslide are thousands and thousands of fuchsias. Fuchsia meadows are also one of the reasons why the people of Puntíkov are so happy. Because when you in the morning see and smell such bright flowers, there's no possibility for you to be sad for the rest of the day. The second most popular flower is sunflower.



The national television is TV Puntík. It has 7 channels - sport channel, music channel, children channel, documentary channel, comedy channel, news channel, romantic channel all broadcasting 24/7 the most likable shows you can imagine.


Unlike TV, radio is dominated by private broadcasters, there's no national radio, but many broadcasters from private sector.


The only printed material is newspaper Puntíkov DNES (English: Puntíkov TODAY) which offers the first hand news that are always and ever one hundred percent true and are accompanied by hand-drawn pictures drawn by the many talented people from Puntíkov.


Most of the people work in fishing and railway industry as no other industries are developed. The seafood is used for consumption as well for export to surrounding countries.

Národní dráhy (English: National railway) belong to the most reliable transport in Internatia. In this company works after fishing industry companies the second biggest amount of inhabitants and has already reached many awards for high-quality work on both, national and international field.


The main ingredient appearing on table of Puntíkovci are fishes. The national food is fried herring.


The process of education is also not very usual as from age of 6 to 23 the people are visiting what is often labeled as the best school and it's Life. From years 23 to 25 they have the option to think about what they are gonna do in future and at the age of 25 they start to work in whatever area that is the closest to their hearts.


Puntíkovci are World Champions in tennis as the color of tennis ball is the closest to their hearts so they know how to handle it. The Internatia Tennis Championship takes place annually in the Kulatá Sportovní Hala (English: Circle Sports Hall) were also all the other important sports and similar events take place.