Saónas Fe Pier in the Internatia Song Contest

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Saónas Fe Pier
Member stationCoperlamentidua Vuettia tio Televìcae fe Radoe (CVTR)
Participation summary
First appearanceISC 85
Best result5th: ISC 85
Worst result27th SF: ISC 90, ISC 96

Saónas Fe Pier is debuting in the 85th edition of Internatia Song Contest.


Table key

  Winner   Second place   Third place   Last place   Disqualified   Jury qualifier   Did not compete

Edition Artist Title Language Place Points Semi Points
Pen Island 85th Sweden Hedningarna "Täss' on nainen" Finnish 5 136 9 70
Bitland 86th Finland Tsuumi Sound System "Northling" Instrumental Failed to qualify 22 29
Ladoga 87th Ukraine MÉLOVIN "That's Your Role" English 14 55
Did not participate in the 88th edition
Ħanei Čaravāz 89th Latvia/Ukraine/Russia Vitas "Opera #2" Russian 13 111 14 53
Dulcet Ebullience 90th Russia MBand "Pravilnaya devochka" Russian Failed to qualify 27 29
Mărium 91st Finland KAJ "TEXT-TV" Swedish 23 36
Dulcet Ebullience 92nd Belarus Lyapis Trubetskoy "Africa" Russian 22 35
Zephyrus 93rd RussiaIsrael MY "Vozmozhno" Russian 24 87 12 65
Tonallán 94th Finland Kiharakolmio "Olut-marssi" Instrumental Failed to qualify 21 33
Bitland 95th Finland Tsuumi Sound System "Ordinary Monday" Instrumental 21 43
Zephyrus 96th Hungary Rico x Miss Mood "Vihar" Hungarian 27 7
Kaministiquia 97th Belarus NIZKIZ "Nebyaspechna" Belarusian