Saint Eva & Lepland in the Internatia Song Contest 18

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Internatia Song Contest 18
Country  Saint Eva & Lepland
National selection
Selection process Unnamed NF
Selection date(s) Songs presentation: 28 October 2013
Results: 29 November 2013
Selected entrant Penelope Austin
Selected song "A Place to Call Home"
Finals performance
Semi-final result 14th, 60 points
Saint Eva & Lepland in the Internatia Song Contest
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National Final[edit]

SealTV continued with the duel system. The song that won would represent Saint Eva & Lepland at ISC 18, whereas the losing song would go on to the next duel (unless it had already lost three duels, or failed to get any votes). Fourteen countries voted in the second duel; once again Saint Eva & Lepland's vote did not count towards the final result, but would instead be used as a tiebreaker if necessary.

Unnamed NF | 28 October - 29 November 2013
Draw Artist Song Grolskira Alexandria Lacrea Lost Islands Kosma Tonallán Luzze Monteverde Tjärsklanjska Pen Island Tikata Amsteris Chruno Novatlantida Total Place
1 Penelope Austin "A Place to Call Home" X X X X X X X X X 9 1
2 Ray Parker, Jim Morgan & Tom Szczesniak "The Adventures of Tintin (Symphonic Theme)" X X X X X 5 2

Points Awarded[edit]

From Saint Eva & Lepland[edit]


12 points  Lost Islands
10 points  Stylé
8 points  Tjärsklanjska
7 points  Territrius
6 points  Irdminia
5 points  Monteverde
4 points  Grolskira
3 points  Kaledonii
2 points  Chruno
1 point  Ova Anova
11th  Spitzenbergen
12th  Edoriada
13th  Alexandria
14th  Kosma
15th  Tonallán
16th  Haven
17th  Luzze
18th  Tikata
19th  Symphony Isles
20th  Atsoumpalia
21st  Fierce
22nd  Pebbleland
23rd  Nouvelle-Acadie
24th  Yazminia
25th  San Monique
26th  Lacrea
27th  Anselmsuusonia