Tashkveny in the Internatia Song Contest

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Member station
  • Final
  • TBC (ISC 1 - present)
  • Semi-finals
  • NBC (ISC 8 - 23)
  • TNT (ISC 8 - 23)
  • TBC (ISC 27 - present)
National selection events
  • TashkenFest
  • ISC 1 - present
Participation summary
First appearanceISC 1
Last appearancepresent
Best result1st: ISC 53, ISC 78
Worst resultLast F ISC 7, ISC 19
26th SF: ISC 83
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TBC Internatia

Tashkveny is a country that participates in the Internatia Song Contest. Formerly being one of only 5 countries to compete in every Contest, the country took a break after their 8th participation, but returned for Internatia Song Contest 10. Despite mixed fortunes for Tashkveny over the various Contests, interest remains high, and viewing figures are some of the largest that both TBC, NBC and TNT have throughout the year, including a record 59.85 million viewers, or 84.9% viewing share, watching during the 4th Internatia Song Contest, where Tashkveny was beaten into 2nd place, scoring 17 points less than eventual winners, Sibinia.

Tashkveny has also had a few issues with disqualifications, which have plagued its entries ever since their first participation in the Internatia Song Contest. Towards the end of ISC 1, Invertulloch suffered a massive powercut, meaning that Tashken televoters could not vote for their favourite songs, and the backup Jury could not contact Spirevo to present their votes. If disqualification did not occur, Tashkveny would have placed joint 2nd, along with hosts Spirevo. Tashkveny has also been disqualified for three consecutive editions, namely ISC 6, 7 and 8. Tashkveny's disqualification during ISC 8, due to internal mismanagement at TBC, was particularly painful for the Tashken public, as Mànran had placed 3rd in their Semi Final, guaranteeing qualification into the final. Public enquiries were held into why this disqualification occurred, and, as a result, Tashkveny would be absent for ISC 9, held in Saint Eva & Lepland Saint Eva & Lepland. The 9th contest would be broadcast by TBC, but on speciality broadcaster TBC Showcase. The contest gained its lowest ever rating here, only being viewed by 2.42 million people.

Throughout the years, Tashkveny has been shown to be more successful when using its 2nd and 3rd most spoken languages, French and Scottish Gaelic respectively. "Entries in the English language tend not to be as successful for Tashkveny", Catriona Dodd, head of Entertainment for TBC said, "However, we won't give up on the language, considering it is the most spoken language in the country. We will try harder and harder to find the perfect English language song from a Tashken artist to represent our country."

As of recent, Tashkveny have not been doing as well as its previous participations. This has not gone unnoticed in the Tashken press, with constant calls for Tashkveny to withdraw. Withdrawal is looking less likely for the future, as Internatia (and its semi-finals), are (with the exception of the 9th ISC) are present in the year-end Top 10 television broadcasts in Tashkveny.

With the return of Tashkveny in ISC 27, after a 3 edition absence, TBC took full control of broadcasting the contest, broadcasting both the semi-finals and the final of the competition.


Table key

  Winner   Second place   Third place   Last place   Disqualified   Automatically qualified to the final   Jury qualifier   Did not qualify for the final   Did not compete

Contest Language Participant Song Translation Place Points Semi Points
Spirevo 1st English, French Inna Modja "French Cancan (Monsieur Sainte Nitouche)" - 3 40
No Semi-Finals
Spirevo 2nd French Mylène Farmer "Pourvu qu'elles soient douces" "Let's Hope They Are Soft" 19 41
Territrius 3th Scots Gaelic Capercaillie "Urnaigh a' Bhan" "A Wife's Prayer" 6 67
Sunetti 4th French Coeur de Pirate "C'était salement romantique" "It was badly romantic" 2 87
Sibinia 5th French Ariane Moffatt "Je veux tout" "I want it all" 18 21
Kosma 6th English Scala & Kolacny Brothers "Creep" - 22 16
San Monique 7th English Scissor Sisters "Laura" - 26 6
Symphony Isles 8th Scots Gaelic Mànran "Oran na Cloiche" "Song of the Stone"
Failed to qualify
3 75
Did Not Compete
Bitland 10th English Queen "I'm Going Slightly Mad" -
Failed to qualify
20 19
Marvelia 11th Scots Gaelic Capercaillie "Coisch a Ruin" "Come on, my love"
Failed to qualify
16 35
Novatlantida 12th English Paloma Faith "Never Tear Us Apart" -
Failed to qualify
23 19
Spirevo 13th English Eimear Quinn "Voice of an Angel" - 24 43 9 59
Luzze 14th English Amy Macdonald "Slow It Down" - 22 73 8 76
Tikata 15th English Janelle Monáe "Dance Apocalyptic" -
Failed to qualify
18 43
Anselmsuusonia 16th Scots Gaelic Julie Fowlis "'Ille dhuinn, 's toigh leam thu" "Fair-haired boy, I'm fond of you" 24 56 10 51
Yazminia 17th English Anthony Hamilton & Elayna Boynton "Freedom" -
Failed to qualify
9[N 1] 59[N 1]
Kosma 18th English Groenland "One Last Shot" -
Failed to qualify
13 62
Pebbleland 19th French Camélia Jordana "Moi, c'est" "Me, I am" 27 60 19 29
Kaledonii 20th French Rokia Traroré "Mélancolie" "Melancholy"
Failed to qualify
23 34
Monteverde 21st English Röyksopp "The Girl and the Robot" - 19 90 12 52
Beige 22nd English Mini Viva "Left My Heart In Tokyo" - 12 114 10 70
Alexandria 23rd English RuPaul "Sissy That Walk" -
Failed to qualify
5 65
Did Not Compete
Did Not Compete
Did Not Compete
Pen Island 27th English Will and the People "Holiday" -
Failed to qualify
18 43
Chruno 28th French Calogero "Un jour au mauvais endroit" "A day in the wrong place"
Failed to qualify
18 51
Kosma 29th English Kendrick Lamar "Money Trees (feat. Jay Rock)" -
Failed to qualify
22 43
Bubblique 30th French Marie-Mai "C.O.B.R.A." -
Failed to qualify
17 48
DPR Jindalea 31st English Alex Gaudino "Destination Calabria (feat. Crystal Waters)" - 22 76 8 70
Luzze 32nd English Selena Gomez "Come & Get It" -
Failed to qualify
17 49
Zephyrus 33rd Russian ВИА Гра (VIA Gra) "Перемирие" ("Peremiriye") "Truce" 4 133 3 90
Lacrea 34th German Laing "Safari" - 13 120 8 71
Tikata 35th English Calvin Harris "Pray to God (feat. HAIM)" -
Failed to qualify
15 52
Tonallán 36th English We Were Evergreen "Be Like You" -
Failed to qualify
17 47
Lost Islands 37th English Tenterhook "What I Like" -
Failed to qualify
21 43
Alteus 38th English Junior Senior "Move Your Feet" - 18 103 7 76
Alteus 39th English Karen Harding "Say Something" -
Failed to qualify
18 53
Dulcet Ebullience 40th Turkish Ayse Hatun Önal "Çak Bir Selam (Gurcell Style Mix)" "Strike a formal salute" 10 129 7 65
Grolskira 41st Scottish Gaelic Na Seòid "Mo Chailin Dìleas Donn" "My Faithful, Brown Haired Maiden"
Failed to qualify
14 55
Nicolas' Neighbour 42nd English Ellen and the Escapades "All The Crooked Scenes" -
Failed to qualify
14 52
Noxus 43rd English Lukas Graham "7 Years" - 5 138 5 77
Luzze 44th Korean Lim Kim "Awoo" -
Failed to qualify
24 34
Leshia 45th German Pixie Paris "Ich lieb dich nicht immer" "I don't always love you" 7 139 7 71
Kimmystan 46th English DNCE "Cake By The Ocean" - 10 123 7 78
Kaministiquia 47th English Vaults "Midnight River" - 10 130 6 68
Bitland 48th Instrumental Mànran "Scottische" -
Failed to qualify
20 39
Pebbleland 49th French Joyce Jonathan "Caractère" "Character"
Failed to qualify
18 41
H Kim Jong Il's AD Hangug 50th English Rihanna "Sledgehammer" - 19 89 2 97
Hanzyuki 51st Scottish Gaelic Niteworks "Maraiche" "Seaman" 18 104 9 70
Auspikitan 52nd English BETSY "Lost & Found" - 6 136 5 81
Chruno 53rd French Barbara Opsomer "Je sors ce soir" "I'm going out tonight" 1 212 2 100
Sunetti 54th English Allie X "All the Rage" - 12 126 11 62
Tashkveny 55th English Django Django "Default" - 23 79
Host nation
Sunetti 56th English RAYE "Shhh" - 3 152 11 65
Gandhara 57th English Gentle Bones "Sixty Five" - 9 117 6 75
Kosma 58th English Arcade Fire "Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)" -
Failed to qualify
17 55
Kosma 59th Lithuanian Karališka Erdvė "Kupriukas" "Snakefly" 25 85 22 39
Leshia 60th English Janelle Kroll "Barricade" -
Failed to qualify
15 54
Kaministiquia 61st French La Femme "Sphynx" - 7 120 3 82
Ova Anova 62nd English Steps "Scared of the Dark" - 7 138 4 78
Porielana 63rd English The Knife "Marble House (feat. Jay-Jay Johanson)" - 15 114 14 60
Bubblique 64th French Urban Trad "Devant toi" "In front of you"
Failed to qualify
20 45
Lacrea 65th English Timothy Nelson & The Infidels "Mary Lou" -
Failed to qualify
19 46
Kimmystan 66th English EUZEN "Phobia" - 8 130 6 84
Noxus 67th English Blondie "Fun" -
Failed to qualify
18 46
Tikata 68th French Polo & Pan "Cœur croisé" "Crossed heart"
Failed to qualify
17 54
Chruno 69th French Angèle "Je veux tes yeux" "I want your eyes"
Failed to qualify
13 59
Fierce 70th Instrumental Jo Yeong-wook "My Tamako, My Sookee" - 2 163 1 88
Chruno 71st English Janelle Monáe "Make Me Feel" - 25 76 10 69
Auspikitan 72nd Hebrew Carakukly (כרקוקלי) "Kan Veachshav (כאן ועכשיו)" "Here and Now"
Failed to qualify
15 52
Territrius 73rd French Vii "Ton goût des garçons" "Your taste in boys"
Failed to qualify
15 51
Kaministiquia 74th English MARUV & BOOSIN "Drunk Groove" -
Failed to qualify
18 46
Luzze 75th English Django Django "Found You" -
Failed to qualify
20 31
Asankon 76th English Kylie Minogue "Confide in Me" -
Failed to qualify
19 48
Chruno 77th Serbian Ceca (Цеца) "39.2" -
Failed to qualify
22 38
Sunetti 78th English Mariah Carey "All I Want for Christmas is You" - 1 175 3 89
Dulcet Ebullience 79th English Blossom Caldarone "Life Again" -
Failed to qualify
24 45
Tashkveny 80th Instrumental André Rieu "Highland Cathedral" - 8 125
Host nation
Kosma 81st English Clementine & The Galaxy "Paradise" - 24 95 6 72
Bubblique 82nd Hebrew Hamsa (חמסה) "Chayav Lamut Alay (חייב למות עליי)" "You must die for me"
Failed to qualify
19 44
Lacrea 83rd English Todrick Hall "Low (feat. RuPaul)" -
Failed to qualify
26 19
Alteus 84th French Lea Paci "Adolescente Pirate" "Teenage pirate" 3 171 1 106
Pen Island 85th Korean Orange Caramel "까탈레나 (Catallena)" - 10 121 9 71
Bitland 86th German Grossstadtgeflüster "Feierabend" "Closing time"
Failed to qualify
16 56
Ladoga 87th French Alice et Moi "J'en ai rien à faire" "I have nothing to do"
Failed to qualify
16 53
Noxus 88th English TroyBoy "Do You?" -
Failed to qualify
23 33
Hanzyuki 89th English Beatrice Eli "Trust Issues" -
Failed to qualify
15 51
Dulcet Ebullience 90th English Tsar B "Brazil" -
Failed to qualify
25 33
Mărium 91st Russian Natalia Podolskaya (Наталья Подольская) "Feniks (Феникс)" "Phoenix"
Dulcet Ebullience 92nd
TBD January 2020


  1. ^ a b 12 points from Spirevo were mistakenly left out of the final tally, denying Tashkveny a place in the final. Without these 12 points, Tashkveny came 15th with 47 points.

Internatia Song Contest -1[edit]

Member stationTBC (ISC -1 2 - present)
National selection eventsInternal selection
Participation summary
First appearanceISC -1 #2
Last appearanceISC -1 #39
Best result1st: #4, #6, #10, #11
Worst result23rd: #19
External links
TBC Internatia

Table key

     Second place
     Third place
     Last place
Contest Language Participant Song Translation Place Points
Did Not Compete
Ova Anova 2nd English Nu Shooz "I Can't Wait" - 13 48
Irdminia 3rd English The Pointer Sisters "Jump (For My Love)" - 10 75
Irdminia 4th English Mary Hopkin "Those Were The Days" - 1 143
Tashkveny 5th French France Gall "Ella, elle l'a" "Ella, she has it" 3 93
Men̈́sa 6th English The Andrews Sisters "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" - 1 93
Tashkveny 7th English Chaka Khan "I Feel For You" - 6 64
Kaledonii 8th English The Bellamy Brothers "Let Your Love Flow" - 8 57
Grolskira 9th Instrumental Jerry Goldsmith "Nicaragua (feat. Pat Metheny)" - 7 65
Irdminia 10th English Eurythmics "Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)" - 1 119
Tashkveny 11th English Cilla Black "Anyone Who Had A Heart" - 1 88
Tashkveny 12th English Janet Jackson "Rhythm Nation" - 10 53
Men̈́sa 13th German Dschinghis Khan "Moskau" "Moscow" 2 94
Kimmystan 14th English Harry Belafonte "Day O (The Banana Boat Song)" - 13 37
Ova Anova 15th Instrumental Walter Murphy "A Fifth of Beethoven" - 15 36
Bitland 16th English Deee-lite "Groove Is In The Heart" - 7 68
Kimmystan 17th English The Proclaimers "(I'm Gonna Be) 500 Miles" - 18 31
Arcorar 18th English Blue Swede "Hooked on a Feeling" - 10 44
Kimmystan 19th French Mylène Farmer "L'instant X" "Instant X" 23 30
Arcorar 20th English Primal Scream "Movin' On Up" - 14 35
Eriod 21st English Martha Reeves & The Vandellis "Dancing In The Streets" - 7 33
Saint Eva & Lepland 22nd English S-Express "Theme From S-Express" - 9 50
Kimmystan 23rd English Olivia Newton-John "Twist of Fate" - 6 57
Kaministiquia 24th English Salt-N-Pepa "Shoop" - 12 28
Did Not Compete
Did Not Compete
Did Not Compete
Mărium 28th Scottish Gaelic Capercaillie "Ailean Duinn" "Dark-haired Allan" 5 70
Did Not Compete
Did Not Compete
Percheron 31st English Paula Abdul "Straight Up" - 6 58
Mărium 32nd English Tina Turner "Nutbush City Limits" - 14 28
Did Not Compete
Did Not Compete
Did Not Compete
Did Not Compete
Did Not Compete
Did Not Compete
Riya-Sampetrina 39th English The Three Degrees "The Runner" - 2 75
Mărium 40th English, Hebrew Ofra Haza "Im Nin'alu" - 4 30
Riya-Sampetrina 41st Scots Lord Rockingham's XI "Hoots Mon" - 4 36
Lettuce 42nd English M/A/R/R/S "Pump Up the Volume" -


Edition Location Venue Capacity
5th Tashkveny Invertulloch Tashken Airlines Arena 24,000
7th Tashkveny Bonaventure Aréna Bonaventure 17,000
11th Tashkveny Laomainn Stèideam na Sruth 18,500
12th Tashkveny Montrose Northpoint Arena 19,800

Voting History[edit]

Tashkveny has given the most points to... (Updated to ISC 83)

Rank Country Points
1 Tonallán Tonallán 211
2 Ova Anova Ova Anova 194
3 Sunetti Sunetti 182
4 Chruno Chruno 167
5 Luzze Luzze 140
6 Eriod Eriod 137
7 Noxus Noxus 125
8 Territrius Territrius 113
8 Fierce Fierce 108
10 Lacrea Lacrea 102

Tashkveny has received the most points from... (Updated to ISC33)

Rank Country Points
1 Tonallán Tonallán 44
2 Saint Eva & Lepland Saint Eva & Lepland 43
3 Territrius Territrius 39
4 Volnytaria Volnytaria 32
5 Anselmsuusonia Anselmsuusonia 31

NOTE: The totals in the above tables include points awarded in only in the final from the second edition onwards, as the voting format was different in the first edition.