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I haven't updated this in years so it's time to give the page a major overhaul.

Names to refer me as: Aurora, Svai
Age: 22
Country: Lithuania
Gender (pronouns): female (she/her)
Zodiac sign: Leo


ESCForum username: NancyAura
Current avatar: Mantas Banišauskas from The Roop, wearing his fancy orange round sunglasses, with a flower crown on top. Taken from The Roop's one of instastories.
Current title: spicy season (an Israeli 2021 entry quote)
Current location: the winners of Eurovision that never won Eurovision (a joke related to the fact that our 2006 entry, "We Are the Winners", has not won at all, and neither did we, ever)
Current signature: mai dire mai dire mai dire mai dire mai (a Sanremo 2021 6th placing entry quote)

Spotify On Repeat Top 30

Place Country Artist Title Year
1 Italy Willie Peyote "Mai dire mai (La locura)" 2021
2 Italy Diodato "L'uomo dietro il campione" 2021
3 France PONY X "Amour fou" 2020
4 Portugal EU.CLIDES "VOLTE-FACE" 2021
5 Canada Dany Bédar "Voyeur" 2002
6 North Macedonia Dajte Muzika "Green Forces" 2021
7 United States Train "50 Ways to Say Goodbye" 2012
8 Lithuania 69 Danguje "9 danguj" 2006
9 United States United Kingdom Sleepthief ft. Phildel "Dust & Cloud" 2014
10 Switzerland Gjon's Tears "Tout l'univers" 2021
11 Italy Davide Shorty "My Soul Trigger" 2015
12 Albania Alar Band "Dashuria nuk mjafton" 2018
13 Ukraine LOBODA "Be My Valentine" 2009
14 Chile Angelo Pierattini & Palmenia Pizarro "Subiré a lo alto" 2021
15 United States Panic Is Perfect "Go Go Go" 2014
16 Canada David Usher "Black Black Heart 2.0" 2001
17 United States R.E.M. "Losing My Religion" 1991
18 Poland Margaret "In My Cabana" 2018
19 Germany OK KID "Stadt ohne Meer" 2013
20 Belgium Stromae "Tous les mêmes" 2013
21 Germany Sandro "Running" 2020
22 Armenia L.E.V.O.N "L.E.V.O.N" 2018
23 Italy Gaudiano "Rimani" 2021
24 Italy Elodie ft. Ghemon "Rambla" 2018
25 Norway Bjørn Hellfuck "Oi oi oi" 2009
26 United States Stone Temple Pilots "Creep" 1992
27 United States Flo Rida "Whistle" 2012
28 Italy Gianluca "Chiammalo" 2008
29 Portugal The Black Mamba "Love Is On My Side" 2021
30 Lithuania Andrius Gruodis "Tiems, kurie savęs pasigedo" 2021