Victoria in the Junior Internatia Song Contest

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Member stationRTV
National selection eventsInternal Selection
Participation summary
First appearanceJISC 16
Best result1st: JISC 25
Worst result13th: JISC 18
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Victoria made their debut in the 16th edition of the Junior Internatia Song Contest.


Table key

     Second place
     Third place
     Last place
     Jury qualifier
     Did not compete
Edition Artist Song Language Place Points
16 United Kingdom Olivia Holt Carry On English 9 63
17 United Kingdom Sabrina Carpenter Eyes Wide Open English 6 64
18 United States Zella Day Simple Song English 13 52
19 United States Jasmine Thompson Great Escape English 13 31
20 Did not participate
21 Spain María Parrado ft. Andrés Dvicio Frío Spanish 2 77
22 Sweden Nova Miller Singing In The Rain English 3 63
23 South Korea Lee Hi Rose Korean 5 54
24 Ukraine Sofia Tarasova Fly High Ukrainian 1 61
25 Armenia Yana Hovhannisyan Ton e Aysor Armenian 1 67
26 Russia Sophia Fissenko and Fyodor Ya Ogon Russian 2 87
27 Russia Emily Cooper Cool Russian 2 65

Participation History[edit]

Victoria's Best Artists[edit]

Carina Dahl
Sofia Tarasova, 1st place in 24th and hostess of 25th.  
Yana Hovhannisyan, 1st place in 25th and hostess of 26th.