Waticania in the Internatia Song Contest

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Member stationRTVV
Participation summary
First appearanceISC 63
Best result4th: ISC 71; ISC 90
Worst result27th SF: ISC 64; ISC 86

Waticania debuted in the 63rd edition of the Internatia Song Contest in Soldini, Porielana.


Table key

  Winner   Second place   Third place   Last place   International Jury qualifier   Disqualified

Edition Artist Language Song Final Points Semi Points
Porielana 63rd Malta I.AM.WILLOW English "Oceanful" 26 77 11 64
Bubblique 64th Lithuania Colours of Bubbles English "Flags" Failed to qualify 27 8
Lacrea 65th Turkey Ah! Kosmos English "From the Land Below" Failed to qualify 21 37
Kimmystan 66th United States K.Flay English "Black Wave" 23 96 22 41
Noxus 67th United States Avenged Sevenfold English "A Little Piece of Heaven" Failed to qualify 15 54
Tikata 68th Belarus Shaman Jungle Belarusian "Nagavor" Failed to qualify 21 38
Chruno 69th United States Two Feet English "Go Fuck Yourself" Failed to qualify 22 32
Fierce 70th United States Torres English "Helen in the Woods" Failed to qualify 18 48
Chruno 71st FranceFinland The Dø English "A Mess Like This" 4 149 7 68
Auspikitan 72nd North Macedonia Telemama & Pikolomini Macedonian "Anika" Failed to qualify 15 54
Territrius 73rd Poland INA WEST English "Coming Back" Failed to qualify 26 26
Kaministiquia 74th New Zealand Jonathan Bree English "You're So Cool" Failed to qualify 15 55
Luzze 75th Sweden Fever Ray English "Keep the Streets Empty for Me" 21 104 11 64
Asankon 76th Cyprus Metaxas English "Selene" 12 118 5 75
Chruno 77th North Macedonia Vasil Garvanliev Macedonian "Gerdan" Failed to qualify 21 38
Sunetti 78th United States Zammuto English "It Can Feel So Good" Failed to qualify 18 41
Dulcet Ebullience 79th Iceland GYDA English "Moonchild" Failed to qualify 18 50
Tashkveny 80th United States Sleeping at Last English "Rainbow Connection" Failed to qualify 17 49
Kosma 81st Turkey Ah! Kosmos ft. Özgür Yılmaz English "Wide" 23 96 12 56
Bubblique 82nd Denmark Alex Vargas English "Wear Your Demons Out" 14 118 12 64
Lacrea 83rd Denmark Agnes Obel English "Riverside" 7 137 1 114
Alteus 84th Spain Maika Makovski English "Makedonija" Failed to qualify 18 47
Pen Island 85th Ukraine Ruslana Ukrainian "Rachmaninov" 20 95 6 72
Bitland 86th United States Beck English "Up All Night" Failed to qualify 27 21
Ladoga 87th United States Hilary Duff English "Sparks" 17 106 10 61
Noxus 88th United States In This Moment English "Joan of Arc" 25 68 10 63
Hanzyuki 89th United Kingdom Tusks English "Toronto" 6 125 4 80
Dulcet Ebullience 90th Belgium Tamino English "Habibi" 4 146 5 82
Mărium 91st United States Chuck Berry English "Johnny B. Goode" Failed to qualify 25 26
Dulcet Ebullience 92nd Australia Tame Impala English "The Less I Know the Better" 12 117 7 80
Zephyrus 93rd Turkey Suha English "Moonkid" 11 127 5 82
Tonallán 94th Serbia Artan Lili Serbian "D.E.P.R.A." Failed to qualify 22 44
Bitland 95th Switzerland IKAN HYU English "LFO" Failed to qualify 15 54
Zephyrus 96th United States Manchester Orchestra English "The Silence" Failed to qualify 15 55
Kaministiquia 97th United Kingdom The 1975 English "People"

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