Al-Mansur dynasty

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State of Gandhara
  • حالة غانذارا
Dawlaṫ Gāndhāra (Arabic)
Capital Rhea
Languages Arabic
Government Absolute monarchy
Constitutional monarchy
 •  1878–1903 Abbas al-Mansur
 •  1903–1936 Rahimullah al-Mansur
 •  1936–1957 Mohamed al-Mansur
Prime Minister
 •  1919–1923 Khalid al-Nafisah (first)
 •  1955–1957 Saleh Khalifa (last)
Legislature Emir in conjunction with the parliament
 •  Upper house Senate
 •  Lower house National Consultative Assembly
 •  Established 20 March 1878
 •  1918 Revolution Feb–Jun 1918
 •  Constitution adopted 14 June 1919
 •  Gandhari Revolution 15 January 1957
Currency Gandhari dinar
Succeeded by
Interim Government of Gandhara

The Al-Mansur dynasty (Arabic: سلالة المنصور), officially the State of Gandhara, was the reigning monarchy of Gandhara from 1878 until 1957, when the monarchy was overthrown and abolished as a result of the Gandhari Revolution. The dynasty was founded by Abbas al-Mansur in 1878, whose reign lasted until his death in 1903. He was succeeded by his son, Rahimullah al-Mansur. Mohamed al-Mansur, the son of Rahimullah and the grandson of Abbas, was the last emir of Gandhara.