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Alexandria is Internatian country located in the north-west of Internatia on the Elysion island. It's neighbours are Haven, Atsoumpalia, Style and Leshia.

Basic Info[edit]

  • Full name: Federal Democratic Republic of Alexandria
  • Capital city: Agata
  • Population: 6,501,237
  • Government: Republic
  • President: Ružica Cetaoviu
  • Prime minister: Kalina Kalinka
  • Anthem: Berndrnt pa dalt (Fight for the future)
  • Motto: Berndrnt nejt pa kavva (Fight 'till the end)
  • Nickname: The land of white tulips
  • Official language: Alexandrian
  • Currency: Alexandrian paloma
  • Official religion: Orthodox
  • Internet domain: .ax


  • Salvonesta
  • Mildevreya
  • Romalya
  • Enrea
  • Northern Babaria
  • Southern Babaria