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  • Ujedineni štati almaranjske

United States of Almarania
Flag of Almarania
Motto: Semper fidelis (Latin)
Always faithful
Anthem: Jasna mesečina (Almaranian)
A Bright Moon
Location of Almarania in Outernatia
Location of Almarania in Outernatia
and largest city
Official languagesAlmaranian
Recognised regional languages
Ethnic groups
GovernmentFederal presidential republic
Alexander Lidovský
• Vice-President
Mirela Winterheim
• Chairman of Parliament
Borislav Timočan
• Total
1,198,091 km2 (462,586 sq mi)
• 2012 estimate
• Density
60.8/km2 (157.5/sq mi)
CurrencyAlmaranian pinta (ALP)
Date formatDD/MM/YYYY
Drives on theright
Calling code872

Almarania (Almaranian: Almaranija, German: Almaranien, Italian: Almarania), officially the United States of Almarania (Almaranian: Ujedineni štati almaranjske, UŠA) is a country in the southeastern part of Outernatia. Covering a territory of 872,315 km2 it is among the biggest countries on the continent, bordering Gandhara to the northwest, Polland to the southwest and six Barbarian territories. To the south lies the Southern Ocean and to the north the country borders the Nuran Sea (Almaranian: Morje polnočne). Its capital is Saída. It is divided into 16 states and two cities with special status. As of 2014, the population of Almarania accounts for 72,888,000 people.

The Almaranian statehood dates back to the 7th century CE with the State of Bogdan along the banks of the Caspian Sea, some of its territory is now located in Gandhara. In 1428, Almarania and neighbouring Polland created the Southern Commonwealth, a personal union between the two states, which became a major political factor in Outernatia up until the 18th century. In the late 18th century the Commonwealth was partitioned between Kingdom of Jindalea, Sunetti and St Olaf, who all had colonizing interests in Outernatia. Most of Almarania proper was located in the Sibinian territory, only with a small part in the west that was originally Sunettian. The northern part of Almarania, with Saída as a capital, became independent in 1912. The southern regions though, with the thriving port city of Sylvestria as an administrative center, did not renounce Olaf Minnesotan rule and rejoin Almarania up until 1975.

As of now, Almarania has a high-income market economy, and scores "very high" on the Human Development Index. The abundance of natural resources and the rapidly growing economy make some scholars to refer to Almarania as a "superpower in the making". It is a founding member of the Council of Outernatia.

Administrative divisions[edit]


Flag State Capital Area Population
70px Camorran Islands Altimira 3,303 km2 73,400
70px East Pomorska Simljan 94,207 km2 73,400
Flag of Laguna.png Laguna Tihum 126,560 km2 4,214,503
70px Lower Almarania Bjelašin 123,837 km2 9,795,819
70px Magura Preblatin 27,811 km2 4,385,992
Flag of Mavrija.png Mavrija Timur 27,349 km2 2,704,995
70px Mostovica Poligor 23,474 km2 1,825,940
70px Upper Almarania Lovčan 232,675 km2 2,603,890
70px Polesje Arabella 157,460 km2 7,323,520
70px Porojna Karamančin 119,969 km2 7,323,520
70px Siniša Prizrak 7,969 km2 7,323,520
70px Vinjarska Uslanj 69,194 km2 7,323,520
70px West Pomorska Kobarid 86,721 km2 7,323,520
70px Zlatozem Jařník 81,012 km2 7,323,520

Cities with special status[edit]

Flag Coat of arms City Area Population
Flag of Saída.png
Coat of arms of Saída.png
Saída 2,623 km2 3,478,291
Flag of Sylvestria.png
Sylvestria 2,789 km2 2,675,310


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