Arab Socialist Union of Gandhara

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Flag of the Arab Socialist Union of Gandhara (ratio 2:3).

The Arab Socialist Union of Gandhara (Arabic: الاتحاد الاشتراكي العربي من غانذارا) was a political and military organization in Gandhara that instigated the Gandhari Revolution of 1957.

The movement was established in 1952 under Khalid Ismaïl, a former military officer of the armed forces of Gandhara, together with other former officers and opposition figures. One of these nationalist officers, Ahmed Assiri, became the official leader during the turmoil leading up the revolution, because of his leadership and organizational abilities. After the revolution, Assiri became the Prime Minister of the Interim Government of Gandhara and the first President of the Arab Republic of Gandhara.