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City in Kimmystan
Fettevika skyline.jpg
Flag of Fettevika
Country Kimmystan
 • Estimate (2015)1,155,721

Fettevika is the capital city of the Kjerringdalen region and the 2015 census reported a population of 1,155,721 within the city. Fettevika is famous for their beautiful Kimmystanian women and most of the citizens here are women. The few men that live there are either related to the women or their husbands. But in the recent years the men have gradually started to move to Fettevika from Kimmydalen, the capital of Søderlandet. In contrast to Fettevika, Kimmydalen consists mainly of men and because of this there is are many tv shows where the women of Fettevika compete against the men of Kimmydalen in different sports and games. Examples of such TV programs are The Farm, Big Brother & Sister, The Love Hunt, The Love Nest and Paradise Motel.

Fettevika has hosted the 19th edition of Outernatia Song Contest.