Federated States of Fierce

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Federated States of Fierce
Flag of Fierce
Anthem: Independent Women Part 1
Official languagesEnglish, Polish, Spanish
GovernmentParliamentary Republic
• President
Joy Hickey-Turner
• Vice President
Gabrielle Solis
• Total
371,078 km2 (143,274 sq mi)
• 2012 census
HDI (2013)0.948
very high
CurrencyFlapa (FF)

The Federated States Of Fierce, commonly shortened to Fierce is a country in North East Internatia, on the South East coast of the continent of Avantia. It is the 11th largest country in Internatia in terms of area, and the 16th largest with regard to population.


A remarkably flat country, Fierce has a long coastline. The country is well known for its vast swathes of beach, and even larger expanses of flower fields. The climate is renowned in Internatia as being extremely pleasant, with daytime temperatures rarely dipping below 22 or rising above 31 all year round. This has led to the nickname 'Land of Eternal Summer'.


Though traditionally a poor country in which agriculture was the only real industry, the economy of Fierce is one of the fastest growing in Internatia, with GDP growth standing at 10.4% per year for 2012. One of the major factors for this growth has been the discovery of huge deposits of gold and silver along with jewels such as diamonds, rubies and emeralds. Many of these mines are located in the North of the country, and have propelled the Fiercian people into some of Internatia's wealthiest. Massive construction projects are well underway in the country, with the major cities expanding rapidly. Tourism is another key stimulant for the boom, as Fierce becomes increasingly popular thanks to its stunning coastline, liberal policies and party atmosphere. The final major export is clothing and fashion, with Fierce being frequently seen as Internatia's major trendsetter. The designers and shops of Sasston, the Fiercian capital, are very highly regarded.


The country's 16,564,389 people are split into 5 states: Sass, Shade, Ohsnap, Damgurl and Bichpleez. 4,200,000 of Fiercians live in Sasston, the capital. Population growth is extremely high, as immigration and birth rates remain astronomic.