Gebze in the Outernatia Song Contest

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Member stationGFM
Participation summary
First appearanceOSC 1
Last appearanceOSC 24
Best result1st: OSC 8
Worst resultLast: OSC 9
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Gebze made their debut in the 1st Edition of the Outernatia Song Contest.


Table key
  Second place
  Third place
  Jury qualifier
  Last place
  Did not compete
Edition Artist Title Place Points Semi Points
1st Demet Akalın "İlahi Adalet" 3 79 No semi-finals
2nd BROODS "L.A.F" 6 71
3rd Erdem Kınay "Helal Ettim" (ft. Merve Özbey) 3 78
4th Did not participate
5th Hadise "Prenses" 2 78
Did not participate between the 6th and 7th edition
8th Kendi "Oh Oh" 1 99
9th Safiye "Come Come" 21 19
10th İrem Derici "Zorun Ne Sevgilim" 4 75
11th Did not participate
12th Tuğba Ekinci "Yanma Demezler" 22 39
13th Aynur Aydın "Günah Sevap" 9 86 1 95
Did not participate from 14th to 23th edition.
24th Valravn "Sjón" 18 57 11 49