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Flag of Hanzyuki
Location of Hanzyuki in Internatia
Location of Hanzyuki in Internatia
CapitalNek Ménage
Largest cityZula
Official languagesSpanish & Portuguese
Ethnic groups84% Hanzyukan; 16% Dinokratyn
• Total
38,039 km2 (14,687 sq mi)
• Estimate
3,450,032 (35th)
HDI (2013)Increase 0.658
Drives on theright
Calling code571
Internet TLD.hz

Hanzyuki is a country in Eastern Internatia, bordered by Tikata, Tonallán, Luzze and Bubblique. Nek Ménage is the capital city.

Administrative divisions[edit]

Hanzyuki have 4 regions. The regions are:

  • Nek Ménage, the capital. Is bordered by Bubblique.
  • Zula, the biggest region. Is bordered by Tikata and Bubblique.
  • Madevra, the southern region. Only spanish is recognized in this region. Is bordered by Luzze.
  • Jeba, the little region. Only dinokratyns lives in this region. Is bordered by Luzze and Tonallán.

Hanzyuki has also two outside territories. One is called Kvuldøerne and is a tiny island. The other is Czegakiary. Both territories were a gift from other countries (Kvuldøerne from Lettuce and Czegakiary from Bubblique).


Hanzyuki is situated in the eastern Internatia with four neighbours: Tikata, Tonallán, Luzze and Bubblique. The country is a landlocked country.


Hanzyuki is a cold country. The highest temperatury in Hanzyuki was 2°C, in a summer day.


The country have 2 official languages. The languages are:

  • Portuguese, spoken by 68% (most important language in the country)
  • Spanish, spoken by 32% of population (Northern people)


In Hanzyuki, 84% of the population are Chrsitian, 10% are Jewish and 6% are Muslim.


TVH official logo

The only Television state channel present in Hanzyuki is "Televisión da Hanzyuki" (TVH). The television state channel broadcast news, music, sports & politics treads during all the 24 hours. The television state channel are also a member of IBU and participates in Internatia Song Contest since the 12th edition. The country is also represented by TVH in Internatia Second Chance Contest since the 3rd edition and in Junior Internatia Song Contest since the 1st edition.

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