Internatia Song Contest 109

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Internatia Song Contest 109
Semi-finalJuly 2021
FinalJuly 2021
VenueKimmystan Nordfjord, Kimmystan
Host broadcasterKimmystan KTV
Number of entries53
Withdrawing Amsteris
Voting systemEach country's 10 favourite songs are awarded 12, 10, then 8 through to 1 points. All participating countries in the semi-finals and final will have the right to cast points in the final.

The Internatia Song Contest 109 is the 109th monthly edition of Internatia Song Contest. The contest is held in Nordfjord, Kimmystan, thanks to their win in the 107th edition with the song "Kalima Minou" by SHANGUY & Mark Neve.

This is the third Kimmystan is hosting the contest after previously hosting the 46th and 66th editions.


All of the participating countries were split into five pots, based on the voting history of those countries in previous editions. From these pots, half (or as close to half as was possible) competed in the first semi-final. The other half in that particular pot competed in the second semi-final.

The host nation,  Kimmystan (Pot 5), was exempt from the draw.

The pots were calculated by the Enot'ebian broadcaster RME and are as following:

Pot 1 Pot 2 Pot 3 Pot 4 Pot 5


During the results show  Pönö was initially announced as a non-qualifier, but sometime during the semifinal 2 announcement it was announced that the Excel file of the host country was adding unnecessary points to some countries, and  Pönö was later announced as a 14th qualifier. Following what a handful of ISC countries wanted, a 27 country final was reached afterall, because the country affected,  Noxus had gracefully withdrawn out of the final because of knowing they'd be an undeserved finalist due to Excel error.

Similar thing has happened to ISC 63 situation, where host country  Porielana noted that there was a mistake with qualifiers after initially announcing  Kosma as a qualifier but later revealing that the actual qualifier was  Sunetti. People opted for there not being 28 qualifiers instead of 27 when the host asked, and thus,  Kosma stayed as a non-qualifier of that edition.


Semi-Final 1[edit]

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
1  Eriod Park Jiha "Thunder Shower"
2  Kaledonii The Gaslight Anthem "45" 18 35
3  Alma Livre Rebecca & Fiona "Real Love" 19 32
4  Noxus Iggy Azalea "I Am the Stripclub" 13 59
5  Lacrea Mercedes Sosa "Todo cambia"
6  Irdminia Anastacia "Left Outside Alone"
7  Bitland Moonchy & Tobias "Sericum"
8  Ladoga Vladimir Cauchemar & alyona alyona "Dancer"
9  Evergreen Lands Zola Blood "Two Hearts"
10  Saónas Fe Pier Frigg "Viinalaulu" 26 57
11  Kharó Juno Reactor "Navras"
12  Saint Eva & Lepland Lord Huron "Not Dead Yet" 24 21
13  Mărium Oonagh "Ananau (Wo die Höhen zum Himmel reichen)" 14 57
14  Pönö Tarja Turunen "I Walk Alone"
15  Grolskira Beirut "Elephant Gun"
16  Percheron Polo & Pan "Ani Kun"
17  Kaministiquia 3YE "STALKER"
18  Trešlend Žalvarinis "Kalyna malyna"
19  Tonallán AURI "Pearl Diving" 21 26
20  Territrius Meimuna "La tristesse du diable" 15 50
21  Koalatopolous KAZKA "Pisnya smilyvykh divchat" 16 46
22  Levië Basalto "Cool Down" 22 24
23  Aevis Muse "Hyper Music (XX Anniversary RemiXX)" 17 42
24  Zephyrus Stella Jang "Villain" 23 23
25  Pen Island Ochman "Światłocienie" 25 17
26  Uubell Naukograd "Volna"

Semi-Final 2[edit]

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
1  Pinnipedia La La Love You ft. Olaya Axolotes Mexicanos "El Fin del Mundo"
2  Faĺvarak Alok & Ilkay Sencan ft. Tove Lo "Don't Say Goodbye"
3  Bubblique Sonia "Oto raj"
4  Spitzenbergen Federico Rossi "Non è mai troppo tardi" 20 42
5  Valdron Sarah Davachi "Play the Ghost" 17 52
6  Riya-Sampetrina Gohary "High"
7  Waticania Giles Corey "No One Is Ever Going to Want Me"
8  Asankon Brave Girls "Chi Mat Ba Ram"
9  Kosma Sarah Jane Scott "It's A Beautiful Life (Hallelujah)" 25 26
10  Fierce "Live to Survive"
11  Oravania Pierre Lizée "Lost in the Hype" 13 58
12  Men̈́sa Paul Hardcastle "19"
13  Rata Sum ITZY "Mafia (In the Morning) [English Version]" 16 55
14  Enot'ebia Vengaboys "We Like to Party! (The Vengabus)" 14 57
15  Sunetti Brutus "War" 18 50
16  Ova Anova Madison Beer "Reckless" 26 25
17  Tashkveny Georgia "About Work the Dancefloor"
18  Luzze Portion Boys ft. Matti ja Teppo "Vauhti kiihtyy" 23 37
19  Aurävaan Kraus "Reach" 22 38
20  Nicolas' Neighbour Suzane ft. Témé Tan "Il est où le SAV?" 15 56
21  Tikata Marco Mengoni "Ma stasera"
22  Lahna VIRTA "On the Run"
23  Thorway Pauline "Ny og næ" 19 49
24  Dulcet Ebullience Maja Marijana "Napravicu lom" 21 42
25  Bartlett Ylona Garcia "All That"
26  Ħanei Čaravāz Paradisio "Bailando"


Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
1  Eriod Park Jiha "Thunder Shower"
2  Lacrea Mercedes Sosa "Todo cambia"
3  Tashkveny Georgia "About Work the Dancefloor"
4  Evergreen Lands Zola Blood "Two Hearts"
5  Bitland Moonchy & Tobias "Sericum"
6  Asankon Brave Girls "Chi Mat Ba Ram"
7  Pönö Tarja Turunen "I Walk Alone"
8  Waticania Giles Corey "No One Is Ever Going to Want Me"
9  Bubblique Sonia "Oto raj"
10  Riya-Sampetrina Gohary "High"
11  Kharó Juno Reactor "Navras"
12  Irdminia Anastacia "Left Outside Alone"
13  Kimmystan Alexandra Stan x NERVO "Come Into My World"
14  Lahna VIRTA "On the Run"
15  Uubell Naukograd "Volna"
16  Ladoga Vladimir Cauchemar & alyona alyona "Dancer"
17  Grolskira Beirut "Elephant Gun"
18  Kaministiquia 3YE "STALKER"
19  Tikata Marco Mengoni "Ma stasera"
20  Fierce "Live to Survive"
21  Men̈́sa Paul Hardcastle "19"
22  Pinnipedia La La Love You ft. Olaya Axolotes Mexicanos "El Fin del Mundo"
23  Bartlett Ylona Garcia "All That"
24  Ħanei Čaravāz Paradisio "Bailando"
25  Trešlend Žalvarinis "Kalyna malyna"
26  Percheron Polo & Pan "Ani Kuni"
27  Faĺvarak Alok & Ilkay Sencan ft. Tove Lo "Don't Say Goodbye"

Returning Artists[edit]

Artist Country Previous edition Previous country represented
Alexandra Stan  Kimmystan ISC 45  Victoria
Anastacia  Irdminia ISC 15, ISC 22, ISC 24, ISC 41  Edoriada,  Anselmsuusonia
AURI  Tonallán ISC 68  Territrius
Beirut  Grolskira ISC 37, ISC 102  Háttųka,  Levië
Frigg  Saónas Fe Pier ISC 101  Saónas Fe Pier
Iggy Azalea  Noxus ISC 24 (with Ariana Grande), ISC 33 (with Jennifer Lopez)  Haven,  Sanlyona
ITZY  Rata Sum ISC 81, ISC 99  Rata Sum,  Kaministiquia
KAZKA  Koalatopolous ISC 70, ISC 72, ISC 76, ISC 90, ISC 91  Noxus,  Pen Island,  Fierce,  Territrius,  Tonallán
Lord Huron  Saint Eva & Lepland ISC 66  Territrius
Madison Beer  Ova Anova ISC 78 (as part of K/DA), ISC 85, ISC 87 (with Jax Jones & Martin Solveig)  Noxus,  Auspikitan
Marco Mengoni  Tikata ISC 14, ISC 22, ISC 36, ISC 67 (with Giorgia), ISC 89  Alexandria,  Tikata,  Pen Island
Mercedes Sosa  Lacrea ISC 84  Luzze
 Fierce ISC 18, ISC 35 (with Major Lazer and DJ Snake), ISC 50 (with MNEK), ISC 77  Nicolas' Neighbour,  Yutuland,  Ponásikwa,  Bubblique
Muse  Aevis ISC 9, ISC 19, ISC 25  Rötenrod,  Symphony Isles,  Grolskira
Oonagh  Mărium ISC 22, ISC 24, ISC 42 (with Celtic Woman), ISC 62, ISC 74 (with Safri Duo), ISC 86, ISC 100  Amsteris,  Irdminia,  Zephyrus,  Bubblique
Polo & Pan  Percheron ISC 68, ISC 80  Tashkveny,  Percheron
Rebecca & Fiona  Alma Livre ISC 34, ISC 50, ISC 84 (with Parham)  Noxus
Suzane (with Témé Tan)  Nicolas' Neighbour ISC 79  Luzze
Tarja Turunen  Pönö ISC 2, ISC 8, ISC 11, ISC 23, ISC 35, ISC 44, ISC 73, ISC 89 (all times as part of Nightwish), ISC 58 (with Jason Hook)  Sibinia,  Sunetti,  Lost Islands,  Edoriada,  Territrius,  Mărium,  Arcorar
Tove Lo (with Alok & Ilkay Sencan)  Faĺvarak ISC 26, ISC 32, ISC 34 (with Alesso), ISC 37, ISC 52 (with Flume), ISC 86, ISC 90, ISC 94  Kaeros Islands,  Alteus,  Spitzenbergen,  Ova Anova,  Tikata,  Sunetti,  Trešlend,  Aonach
Vengaboys  Enot'ebia ISC 25, ISC 41  Keohretcha,  Zephyrus
Žalvarinis  Trešlend ISC 48, ISC 61  Noxus,  Trešlend