Jindalean legislative election, 2013

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Jindalean legislative election, 2013
DPR Jindalea
14 December 2013
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All 760 seats to the National Assembly
381 seats needed for a majority
Turnout 100%
  First party Second party Third party
Party Jindalean Socialist Workers Party Women's Union People's Front
Last election Did not exist Did not exist Did not exist
Seats won 616 68 46
Popular vote 48,160,824 5,351,202 3,567,468
Percentage 81% 9% 6%

  Fourth party
Party Democratic Workers Party
Last election Did not exist
Seats won 30
Popular vote 2,378,312
Percentage 4%

The first ever legislative elections were held in Democratic People's Republic of Jindalea on 14th December 2013, simultaneously with Presidential Elections.


e • d Summary of the 14 December 2013 Jindalean election results
Parties Constituency
Votes % +/− Seats +/−
Jindalean Socialist Workers Party 48,160,824 81 Increase 81 616
Women's Union 5,351,202 9 Increase 9 68
People's Front 3,567,468 6 Increase 6 46
Democratic Workers Party 2,378,312 4 Increase 4 30
Valid votes 59,457,808
Blank and invalid votes 0
Totals 59,457,808 100 100 760
Electorate and voter turnout 100%

With 81% of the votes, the Jindalean Socialist Workers Party maintains control over the nation for the next 6 years. Also, General Li Je-ho, President of the Republic won the Presidentials with 90% of the votes.

However, during his victory speech, he made a remarkable statement.

I always knew the People would pledge eternal loyalty to the Party and me. This shows that the Jindaleans do not wish for a new system in the country. However, despite my not so shocking victory, I would like to pass the title of Head of State to the leader of the Women's Union, Mrs. Ha Ja Nin.

She will rule the country for the next 6 years and I will put myself in the position of her personal advisor. As I am getting old, and the world keeps advancing at rapid speed, I think I made a good decision by passing my title to Mrs. Ha Ja Nin.

The JSWP will keep it's majority in the Parliament. I have no doubts at all that the country will advance and be even more prosperous under the wise guidance of Mrs. Ha Ja Nin.

Long live the People and long live the Democratic People's Republic of Jindalea!

Domestic reactions[edit]

Several citizens in Sanggumdang reacted on the outcome of the elections on the special news broadcast shortly after the final results.

Mr. Jang Song Haek

I am proud of the Jindalean Socialist Workers Party, as they have greatly improved the living standards of our People. We are forever grateful to them.

Mrs. Ji Song Ye

My loyalty to the Jindalean Socialist Workers Party is eternal. I am raising my daughters to be loyal soldiers of the Mother Party. We will defend our nation from any imperialist aggression!!

Mere seconds after the definite results were announced, a massive burst of enthusiasm erupted on the Victory Square where hundreds of thousands had gathered to celebrate the victory of the Jindalean Socialist Workers Party. Even supporters of the other parties celebrated as they truly believe in the system, despite being members of the other parties.

Foreign reactions[edit]

Several countries have reacted on the election results. Human Rights organisations from Kosma, Harlequenia and Tonallán have questioned the fairness and transparency of the election results, while Alma Livre, Tikata, Haven, Aonach & Irdminia publicly congratulated DPR Jindalea with the results, stating that this is exactly what the people want and that these results should be respected.