Kimmy Airlines

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Kimmy Airlines
IATA ICAO Callsign
Founded31 January 1956
HubsNordfjord Lufthavn
Focus cities
  • Huttiheita Lufthavn
  • Hagelin Lufthavn
  • Fettevika Lufthavn
Frequent-flyer programEuroBonus
F[Wikipedia:Airport_loungeNordfjord Lounge
Fleet size160
Company sloganWe Love Travelling
Parent companyGovernment of Kimmystan
HeadquartersNordfjord, Kimmystan
Employees27.305 (2015–)

Kimmy Airlines is the flag carrier airline of Kimmystan, headquartered in Nordfjord. It operates domestic and international passenger and cargo services, mainly from its hub at the Nordfjord Lufthavn.


As of April 2016, Kimmy Airlines serves flights to almost all nations of Outernatia and Internatia.

Kimmy Airlines flies in a point to point model rather than the more traditional airline hub and spoke model where the passengers have to change aircraft in transit at a major airport.

Codeshare agreements[edit]

Kimmy Airlines has codeshare agreements with the following airlines:

Destination Number of Destinations
Raingate Raingate 10
Gandhara Gandhara 9
Frostfall Frostfall 5
Equatoria Equatoria 4
Lettuce Lettuce 4
Land of Jhe Freeh The Land Of Jhe Freeh 3
Alteus Alteus 2
Tikata Tikata 2
RC Laranjeiras RC Laranjeiras 2
Bitland Bitland 1
Bubblique Bubblique 1
Chruno Chruno 1
Leshia Leshia 1
Republica Libera Republica Libera 1
Sunetti Sunetti 1
Thorway Thorway 1
Grolskira Grolskira 1
Waticania Waticania 1
Kosma Kosma 1
Harmony Harmony 1
Arcorar Arcorar 1


Business class[edit]

For long-haul flights business class, called Kimmy Airlines Business, is still offered and features wide sleeper seats. On the Airbus A330s and upgraded A340s seating is 1-2-1 on seats that convert into 196–202 cm flat beds, with power sockets and a 15-inch screen. On non upgraded A340s seating is 2-2-2 that converts into angled beds.

Kimmy Plus[edit]

Kimmy Plus is Kimmy premium economy class. On intercontinental flights, seating is 2-3-2 on wide bodies, except on one A340 that has 2-4-2 seating in Plus. The seats offered on Kimmy Plus are wider than those in the Kimmy Go section.

On Outernatian flights, Kimmy Plus tickets are refundable, and include a meal, a double checked-in baggage allowance, and access to lounges and fast track security at the airport. The Kimmy Plus passengers are seated at the front of the aircraft and passengers can choose their seat at booking for free, but the seats there are otherwise the same as the Kimmy Go seats. The two-class system was introduced in August 2015, when business class was eliminated from intra-Outernatian flights.

Kimmy Go[edit]

Kimmy Go, or economy offers 3-3 seating on intraeuropean flights, and 2-4-2 on the A330s and A340s.

Kimmy Airlines offers free coffee & tea to GO passengers on all flights. Meals are served to all passengers on long-haul flights.

Kimmy Go Light[edit]

Available on all Outernatian routes from 17 April 2016, SAS Go Light is aimed at competing with low-cost carriers for those who travel with hand luggage only.

Not Included
Can Be Bought Onboard
Baggage Included Premium bag drop Fast Track Lounge Seating In Front Sleeping-seats Comfort kit Food & Drinks Buffet Movies & Music WiFi Priority Baggage EuroBonus
Go 1 x 23 kg Included 50 - 100 %
Plus 2 x 23 kg Included 80 - 200 %
Business 2 x 32 kg Included 150 - 200 %