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Kimmystanian Television
TypePublic service broadcaster
OwnerGovernment of Kimmystan
Key people
Launch date
11 February 1962

The Kimmystanian Television also known as "Kimmy Television" (abbreviated KTV), is Kimmystan's radio and television public broadcasting company, owned by the Kimmystanian government. It is a member of the Outernatian Broadcasting Union.

The network is based in Nordfjord. Since its foundation, it has a statutory obligation to make news, entertainment and sports programmes, as well as documentaries for the public television channels and the public radio services. There are also sub-channels that broadcast educational programs for the children.


Television was introduced in Kimmystan in 1950s, when Kimmystan Television Cooperation (KTC) was established in Nordfjord as a privately owned and commercially-operated monopoly. One of Kimmystan's major industrialists, was the founder of the first television station.

KTV was merged with Radio Nordfjord in 1961, forming the Kimmystanian Radio and Television (KRTV). In the following years KRTV was nationalised and renamed Kimmystan Television (KTV) and the current broadcaster was therefore oficially launched on 11 February 1963. KTV 2 was launched on 25 April 1973, while KTV 3 was launched on 13 September 2007. HD versions of all channels was launched on 9 February 2011.

TV channels[edit]

Domestic channels[edit]

KTV operates 3 domestic television channels.

Logo Type of programming
KTV 1: The corporation's primary network, broadcasting mainstream comedy, drama, documentaries, game shows, news, and some children's programmes. The main news bulletins are followed by local news. These are provided by production centres in Nordfjord and Huttiheita. The centres also produce local news magazine programming. It's responsible for the Kimmystanian participation in the Outernatia Song Contest, by arranging the Kimmystan NF.
KTV 2: This channel broadcast TV shows like comedies, soap opera, game shows and other shows that interest the youth. This channel is most popular TV channel in Kjerringdalen and their headquarter is located in Fettevika.
KTV 3: The oficial children channel with cartoons and shows that aim to both entertain and educate the children of Kimmystan. This channel is also responsible of selection the entry for and broadcasting the Junior Internatia Song Contest.