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The Most Beautiful And Serene Republic Of Lacrea
Flag of Lacrea
Motto: "Never forget the strength of many"
Anthem: Rise of the Tree
National colours
White, gold, French blue
and largest city
Official languagesLacrean, Mapuche, Castilian
National animalLampreys
National flowerCeibo
• Leader
Lemore Ironwill
• 2013 estimate
CurrencyLacrean Cedars (LCN)

The Republic Of Lacrea is a country which participates in the Internatia Song Contest, debuting in the 8th edition hosted in Violetta, Symphony Isles.


Little is known about when people first settled upon the land currently inhabited by The Republic Of Lacrea. Lacrean historians claim that the current Republic was established after a coup d'etat by a group now known as the Lacrean Revolutionaries, led by current Leader Lemore Ironwill, and that the previously the country was known as the Holy Empire of Lacrea and was a Theocracy, although the validity of these claims has yet to be proven.

Internatia Song Contest[edit]

Edition Artist Language Song Place Points Semi Points
ISC 8 Bandana Spanish "Guapas" X X 16 23
ISC 9 Marlango English "It's Alright" 21 56 10 59
ISC 10 Daughter English "Candles" X X 22 32
ISC 11 Mylène Farmer French "Si j'avais au moins" TBD TBD Q Q

Voting History[edit]

Lacrea has given the most points to...

Rank Country Points
1  Novatlantida 18
2  Symphony Isles 16
3  Irdminia 14
4  Carpathia 13
 Puntíkov 13

Lacrea has received the most points from...

Rank Country Points
1  Sockistan 12
2  Bitland 8
3  Carpathia 7
 Tonallán 7
 Yazminia 7

NOTE: The totals in the above tables include only points awarded in ISC finals.