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Kingdom of Leshia
Flag of Leshia
Motto: "Shine like a comet"
Anthem: "I Love Leshia (Got It Deep Inside) / Zdrokani Leshiamta (Diva Ja Srutu Moj)"
and largest city
Official languagesLeshian, English
Recognised regional languagesKazakh, Uzbek, Dutch, Croatian
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
• Queen
Daria I
• Total
233,569 km2 (90,181 sq mi)
• Water (%)
• 2014 estimate
• Density
40.1/km2 (103.9/sq mi)
CurrencyLeshian Dobrar
Date formatMM/DD/YY
Drives on theright
Calling code93
Internet TLD.lh

Leshia, officially the Kingdom of Leshia, is a sovereign state, located in North West Internatia. Leshia has a population of 9,365,983 inhabitants, otherwise known as “Leshians”. Leshia's biggest city is Leshkent, which is also the capital of the country. The official language are Leshian and English, but Kazakh, Uzbek and Dutch are spoken in some parts of Leshia.


Leshia is a Kingdom governed under a form of constitutional monarchy, with Queen Daria I as head of state. The Queen's political power is limited, but she still has a major say in the official clothing of the inhabitants and common fashion affairs. She's also the Head of the Fashion Police.

According to the constitution, the Kingdom is subdivided into nine provinces: Leshkent-Capital Region, Roshia, Kersha, Nilasha, Moshia, Keshua, Zdrokania, Dobronia and Hildebutton.

Leshia in The Internatia Song Contest[edit]

Leshia participates in the Internatia Song Contest from the twenty-third edition.

Edition Artist Song Title Place Points Semi Points
20th Debbie Schippers "Skin And Bones" X X 15 57
21st Dalida "Bang Bang" X X 22 29
22nd Celeste Buckingham "Crushin' My Fairytale" X X 15 54


Leshia is bordered by Alexandria.