Lettuce Broadcasting Corporation

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Lettuce Broadcasting Corporation
TypePublicly funded, public-service broadcaster
SloganEstamos por tí
"Here for you"
OwnerGovernment of Lettuce
Launch date
12 July 1989
Dissolved22 January 2019
AffiliationIBU, OBU

LBC or Lettuce Broadcasting Corporation (Spanish: Radiodifusión Pública de Lettuce, Lettucian: Rədiodifuz Publik d'Lettuche) is the Lettucian government-owned radio and television public broadcasting company, and one of the largest media organizations in the country. It's one of the founding broadcasting organizations of the Outernatian Broadcasting Union.


Founded under the name "Radio Lettuce" in 1970, it was for many years the first and only radio station in the country due to a government ban to allow commercial stations. During the 80's, the radio supply expanded to 7 networks: 3 for the major languages ​​of the country, and 4 regional channels.

In 1983 the "Television Corporation of Lettuce," was the only network business environment of the country at the time to be created after a controversial special permit issued by the military junta that ruled the country. After 6 years of economic problems, the government bought the corporation, integrating Radio Lettuce to form the LBC as it is known today.

While the corporation maintains its statutes in the role of public and educational service, which must accommodate all communities residing in the country, this practice was not effective due to the income that the corporation receives in respect of advertising space, which reach 46% of the total budget of the corporation.



LBC operates seven television channels in Lettuce of which LBC 1 and LBC Arabic are the flagship television channels. In addition to these two flagship channels, the LBC operates several digital only stations: LBC 2, LBC 3, LBC k!ds, LBC 24 and one sattelite channel, LBCsat. Digital television is now in widespread use in Lettuce, with analogue transmission completely phased out by December 2013.

Logo Type of programming
LBC 1 2018.png
LBC 1: The corporation's primary network, broadcasting mainstream comedy, drama, documentaries, game shows, news, and some children's programmes. The main news bulletins are followed by local news. These are provided by production centres in Monetta, Fatma and Kobayashi. The centres also produce local news magazine programming. It's responsible for the lettucian participation in the Outernatia Song Contest.
LBC 2 2018.png
LBC 2: Home to more specialist programming, including comedy, documentaries, films, dramas and minority interest programmes, as well as imported programmes from other countries.
LBC 3 2018.png
LBC 3: Is a 24-hour sport channel. It focuses on sports-related programming including live and recorded event telecasts, sports news and talk shows, and other original programming.
LBC 24 2018.png
LBC 24: Is a 24-hour news channel launched on 1 January 2000. It broadcasts news reports, debates, analyses, interviews as well as rolling news.
LBC 5 2018.png
LBC 5: Special channel aimed at the korean and japanese speaking community. The channel was launched on 1 August 2018 and is also available in Raingate.
LBC ARABIC 2018.png
LBC Arabic (LBC العربية التلفزيون): Is the network for the Lettucian arab speaking community. Also available in Gandhara.
LBC KIDS 2018.png
LBC K!DS: A dedicated children's channel, but also offers some programming aimed at teenagers during the evenings. It's responsible for the lettucian participation in the Junior Internatia Song Contest.
LBC SAT 2018.png
LBCsat: Is the international channel of LBC network.


LBC today runs four national domestic radio stations, which are aimed for the three predominant languages ​​in the country. In addition, the corporation manages 5 regional stations for each states and ethno-linguistic minorities respectively.

National stations[edit]

Logo Type of programming
Radio 1: Generalist channel with a broad spectrum of mostly speech-based programming in Spanish language.
Rədyo 2: Generalist channel with a broad spectrum of mostly speech-based programming in Lettucian language.
Radyw 3 (راديو 3): Generalist channel with a broad spectrum of mostly speech-based programming in Arabic language. Also available in some regions of Gandhara.
LBC Radio 4: Is the only radio channel that not broadcast in an specific language. It focuses on pop, rock, world music, folk, and allied cultural events.

Regional stations[edit]

LBC also runs radio stations for the states of Lettuce.

Logo Type of programming
Radio 5 Monetta: Is an italian broadcaster for Monetta.
Radio 6 Kobayashi's Voice (小林の声): Is a japanese broadcaster for Kobayashi. Also available in some regions of Raingate and Frostfall.
Radyo Ə: Is a turkish broadcaster for Fatma.